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Free iPhone like browser – Opera Mini 4 Unleashed

20 June 2007 3 Comments

Time for some iPhone action – iPhone has been the buzz word ever since Steve announced it and here it is, this time from a competitor who has never produced a mobile phone before,but have provided a very good mobile browser for Windows, Symbian and Linux mobiles – Opera. They released this very cool,completely free browser – Opera Mini 4 with all the Zooming effects, Page transition Slide effect and a lot more. It works more or less like Deepfish browser by Microsoft and Thunderhawk browser. We get to see the entire page in a Tiny format on your mobile phone. You can click on parts of the page for it to Zoom in to that particular area. You should watch it in action in my video below. Lot needs to be seen if it can handle all the Ajax enabled,dynamic,web 2.0 pages 🙂 and beware – this is a beta product and it might freeze,exit unexpectedly at times! Download it here.


  • Bogdan Dumitru said:

    Daamn you are sloow in showing this. You did in the first 6 minutes what one would have shown in less than 10 seconds. I’m @ work right now, and my pocket pc @ home. It would have been faster for me to see this if i just went home, picked my pocket pc, went back to work and installed the damn application. Just too much talk man, and soo little action. Other than this, this piece of software rocks!


  • adam said:

    @Bogdan Dumitru

    you said in 4 sentences what you could have said with 15 words

  • download Opera mini said:

    download Opera mini…

    […]Free iPhone like browser – Opera Mini 4 Unleashed | iLikeMyiPhone[…]…

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