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Hacking iPhone 2.0 Drama – Latest info from around the web!

15 July 2008 7 Comments

The world is waiting for an unlock solution and iPhone Devs supposedly delaying the release of pwnage 2.0 (software which puts an end to ATT’s monopoly!) to combat the iPhone 2.0.1 firmware update which is about to hit your computers after a not so performance efficient iPhone 2.0 demonstration. Dev Team may be doing the right thing as we don’t want our iPhone 2.0 to be bricked after a minor software release shortly.

pwnage 2.0

Some even went to the extent of calling iPhone Devs ‘publicity mongers’ while they have no commercial interests as most of the hackers in iPhone Dev team have solid jobs to support themselves unlike Zibri who constantly boasts about the number of hits on his site. With 3G and 2.0 release, he is not making much noise yet, probably waiting for Dev team’s tool to capitalize on their efforts!

Meanwhile, cool boy Geohot apart from interning at Google found some time to release a total prank with his yiPhone with the counter traversing backwards!

Some folks from UK had success using normal legal SIMs (non-iPhone O2 sim) although my US counterparts didn’t have much success yet! Best part being iPhone Dev’s website splashing new and updated information about the whole unlock adventure in a remarkably accelerated manner! You must watch them if you have not already! Meanwhile, TUAW’s Erica put forth a great effort interviewing Pytey from the iPhone Dev team.

As always, will try my best in providing you the latest information on the hacking scene! Watch this space!

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