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[APP RELEASE] Assign Ringtones on iPhone (1.1.4 Support)

11 March 2008 43 Comments

As the name suggests this app lets you make any song in your music library a ringtone. But the big thing is that it creates a ringtone right on the phone. You need to have BSD Subsystem installed to grab this app. Also for 1.1.3 (not 1.1.4), you will specially need to have SUID Lib Fix from installer. The app converts a song into a ringtone and automically alters the length to 30 secs (Apple’s Limitation)

The app works like this-

  • Open the app.
  • Go to artists section.
  • Select a song you need to preview/ convert
  • Hit convert
  • Go to settings app and in sounds change the ringtone to the custom once you selected.
  • Voila! You have a custom tone now.
  • Official Repo- http://i.danstaface.net/

    Developer’s contact information- eric AT jamendo.com

    The latest version of the app is 1.2 and is personally tested by me on my 1.1.4 phone.


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    • Ringtones » Blog Archive » [APP RELEASE] RINGTONES said:

      […] larrym wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAs the name suggests this app lets you make any song in your music library a ringtone. But the big thing is that it creates a ringtone right on the phone. You need to have BSD Subsystem installed to grab this app. … […]

    • Dean said:

      Can’t seem to find this app anywhere.

    • twistyiphoney said:

      add this repo- http://i.danstaface.net/ to your installer sources and then go to all packages and install Ringtones (version 1.3) from there. it should be there definitely. i have it installed from there on my phone. :)

    • twistyiphoney said:

      2.0 is the latest

    • Mac said:

      I have tried it, but it converts just a few first seconds of a song…

    • Dean said:

      ahhh, ok thank you for the info. : )

    • twistyiphoney said:

      it’s meant for cutting the song into 30 second and then converting because of apple’s restrictions.

    • Mac said:

      For me it converts just first 2-3 seconds (two-three – not 30).
      I have the BSD subsystem 2.1 – what are the other requirements?

    • twistyiphoney said:

      if you are on 1.1.3, you need the SUID Lib Fix

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    • Mac said:

      I’m on 1.1.4…

    • twistyiphoney said:

      try version 2.1.

    • anjel said:

      Jamden wont work with my 1.1.4, it never really converts into a tone…

    • Mac said:

      unfortunatelly I have to confirm – it does NOT work at all…… :(((((

    • twistyiphoney said:

      try version 2.73

    • bicho said:

      super bien comprovado instale dos cosas ke dices en tu tutorial y el programa y listo tengo mis tonos iphone 1.1.4 gracias y saludos

    • Geblek said:

      2.7.3 with 1.1.4 works nicely; Mac you better try it again :)))))))))

    • Lane said:

      Latest Version works on my iPhone 1.1.4 jailbroken with iPlus PERFECTLY!!!! I recored names, and assign them to their counterparts so I know who’s calling when I hear it rather than having to pick up phone and see who’s calling. Great little app!!!!


    • Mac said:

      yes, now I can confirm – the latest version works on 1.1.4 :)

    • liratium said:

      Mac says:
      yes, now I can confirm – the latest version works on 1.1.4

      what did you do exactly????

      I just installed the new version of sendsong but still I have the ringtone on my ringtones list but it doesn’t work !!!!!!!!!!!

      Would you please explain how that worked out for you?

    • Kiran said:

      liratium : Please read the article above! It is a different app, sendsong is passe… Use Ringtones app as described in the post!

    • James said:

      For some reason the ring is super quiet. even with the volume full.
      Any ideas?

    • kiran said:

      You might want to reset all settings on your iPhone or restart your iPhone, make sure all the volume controls are maxed and lastly ‘ the song should have good volume’… mileage varies…

    • Daniel said:

      I am running 1.1.4 and I’m having trouble getting this to work. it builds and converts, and I can preview it all the way through until the end when it gives you the choice to either keep it or close and it just won’t play. Any ideas? Thanks guys (Sweet app otherwise)

    • Bolivar Aquino said:

      hey, i’m having this problem bro. I have the latest version 2.8 and i get to the point that I select “set as default ringtone, and the ringtone doenst even comes up on my Ringtones. Whats going on?

    • Hesham said:

      Currently i had created ring tone on itunes but i cant see the custom section under sound what should i do to see it

    • Donte said:

      need help have 1.1.4 ringtones not showing up

    • saengerknabe said:

      Dose not realy work, i dont know why – have third time reinstalled my iphone,beneeth other action. a lot of work !!! and it would nt work – please help!!!! have a updatet (iliberty) 1.1.4 firmware 04.04.05_G and latest itunes-version 7.6.2 (9)

    • Kiran said:

      will try when home and let you know!

    • cdhernitson said:

      guys use sendsong i just installed and all of my music was able to be converted on my phone!!! I went and checked sounds and the custom ringtones finally showed up

    • Judea said:

      I’m having some problems, please please help!!!

      i have an unlocked 1.1.4 tmobile iphone, and i’m trying to install the Ringtonne pakage but i keep getting an “pakage download failed” error message. what can i do ???

    • kiran said:

      Hi! Firstly, click on install and then clear queue. And then try again. Check if any other application fails too. make sure you try connecting via WiFi just in case.

      PhoneZap is very good too if its an issue only with this application.

    • ali said:

      I’m on 1.1.4 ..does anyone have any idea why all the ringtones I create sound like theyre on fast forward? I’ve tried not messing with any settings when I edit/create to see if that’d fix the prob, but I still get chipmunk sounds! Eeeek…

    • Sasha said:

      hey where i can download this ??

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