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How to Get your iPhone (in/out of) Recovery Mode and DFU Mode

4 July 2009 232 Comments

Both recovery and DFU modes are often confusing which just adds to the frustration when accidentally put into either of these modes. You don’t have to restore completely in iTunes. That takes up a lot of time (around 20 minutes and if you have data, it may be longer to get it all back up and running). You can give the following combinations a shot and I have tested them both on iPhone 3.0.

DFU Mode :

Steps to recover from DFU mode :

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Hold down the home button and the power button for about 10 seconds.
  • If your phone is connected to your computer you’ll hear a beep as when a USB device is disconnected.
  • Next just press the power button and your phone will startup as usual.

If you’ve accidentally put your iPhone in DFU mode, the steps mentioned above should do the trick.

If you’re in DFU and mid-way through a failed restore, then you will need a complete iTunes restore to get you out of the DFU mode.

Recovery Mode :

Steps to recover from Recovery mode :

  • Hold Power Button + Home button for 15 Secs.
  • Release buttons.
  • Hold Home button for 2 secs.


  • Monica said:

    I need some HELP pretty please!! I jailbroke my phone I just bought from a freind with redsnow and it worked just fine I barely got to scrolling through it and went outside then the phone acted like it was rebooting and now all I get is the white apple emblem and it wont go any further tried to go to itunes and restore and it says error have the latest version of itunes tried all usb ports yada yada can you please help me? I refuse to ever jail break again!!

  • Kiran said:

    If you bought it from a friend and don't care about the data on the iPhone, then you are in the clear. Just restore to factory defaults. We can try few things. I need more info – iphone model and OS on your computer for a start.

  • Marianne said:

    I NEED YOUR HELP ! So I watched youre video and it was very helpfull,but when you hold down the home button and the apple sign just were there and then the screen got black and u got out of restore mode… i do the homebutton-the upper button holding and after that hold the home button but the apple sign comes and then comes that usb and itunes picture. I have 5000 photos and I really want and need them! Pleas help and connect me!

  • Kiran said:

    Hi Marianne. Are you still having this problem? Sorry I couldn't reply earlier. Let me know.

  • eMJay said:

    I'm having the exact same problem. When I hold the home button after the Apple logo appears, the Restore screen comes back on.

  • Jason said:

    Hi, my iphone3g says sim lock and don't know the pass code the second hand any idears thxs

  • Yunus said:

    Hi Kiran,

    My 3g is getting stuck on apple logo after doing erasing all contact and mail from setting can you please help and advice how to fix it

  • MARIELA said:


  • rose said:

    none of what you said worked

  • faisal said:

    my iphone is showing that sim is not supportable soo what should i doo

  • tamia said:

    it doesn't work

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  • cjb said:

    I tried to get out of restore mode using instructions, but it stayed on recovery mode. My son was updating to iOS 7 and it crashed midway and he didn't back up my iphone. Is there anyway I can get out of recover mode to access my photos and videos?

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  • Karla Reyes said:

    Hi, i need help really bad!!!! my iphone 4 keeps on turning off and on and if i take it off the charger it will turn off immidiatly and wont turn on unless i plug it in again and while it is on it keeps searching for service……please help me

  • Abhishek said:

    hii ,
    i m having iphone 2g i saw ur video ,like this video only i saw how to update i phone through whitedoor.
    but i stuck in problem where we have to put iphone in recovery mode ,till there nothing problem was there but after this i m facing problem with error report from itune & its still with itune logo and usb logo without slide option , please help me sir….( i was having 3.3.1 & i was updating to 6 version)

  • Daryl144 said:

    Hi I have an iphone 3g 4.2.1 stuck in emergency call. When I try to restore with itunes it goes through the process and then I get error 1600 and a message we are unable to restore your iphone at this time.

    What can I do???

  • Nani said:

    while restoring my iPhone 3gs the following error occurred
    "The iPhone 'iPhone" could not be restored.An unknown error occurred (-1)
    I am using windows PC
    My phone is displaying with a iphone displaying itunes logo and usb
    Please help me with this

  • Solomon said:

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  • rajavenkatesh said:

    I already Unlocked my iphone (Iphone 5 With ios 6.1.2)with gevey sim its working properly but now i want to update my ios with same gevey sim card is it possible

  • ayungz said:

    Im using IPhone4 and accidently go to rerstore mood. After seeing ur video i tried it many time but still cannot open mty iphone. Itunes restore my phone but it shows the 'Iphone could not be restores. An unknown error occured (21)
    Can u help me man?.

  • ayungz said:

    Restore mood failled bcoz an error occured .
    "The iPhone 'iPhone" could not be restored.An unknown error occurred (21)
    I am using windows PC
    Help me plzzz..

  • jessirinneyswift said:

    Here are these steps:
    1/Disconnect your iphone from your computer. Hold down the power and home button again for 20 seconds, or so. Then, a silver apple logo will appear.
    2/ let go of ONLY the power button (keep the home button pressed) for about 5 seconds.
    3/let go of the home button and let my phone sit. In about 20 seconds, your phone came back to life.

    more :http://www.iphone-data-eraser.com/iphone-data-recovery.html

  • Jack said:

    That’s very easy, if you want to exit DFU mode, hold down the Sleep/Wake or Power button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    More: http://www.mobiledic.com/ios-topics/how-to-retrieve-photos-from-iphone.html

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