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Jailbreak, Activate and Unlock Original iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Firmware Using redsn0w [Windows/Mac]

10 February 2010 263 Comments

Original iPhones (metal back, silver color, referred to as 2G iPhone) are blessed with a fully unlockable baseband 04.05.04_G. It entitles the iPhone 2G to be easily hackable. So lets get the ball rolling and get to the latest 3.1.3 firmware with a full unlock, jailbreak and activation in place!

Step by Step :

Download redsn0w 0.9.3 from downloads section and extract them to your Desktop [Both Mac and Windows versions of redsn0w are available there]

Connect your iPhone 2G to your PC/Mac and launch iTunes [Update iTunes to the latest version]

Update to 3.1.3 firmware directly from iTunes itself [Just click the update button in iTunes]

Meanwhile, download 3.1.2 Stock iPhone firmware and save it on the Desktop [Make sure it is .ipsw extension and not .zip]

Once the update is done, launch redsn0w 0.9.3 and click on browse button and browse to the 3.1.2 firmware that you just downloaded [Saved on Desktop] and click Next as shown. Follow the screenshots and proceed accordingly [Make sure Unlock and Cydia are checked]

Download the bootloader files for iPhone 2G. Extract the downloaded files 39.bin and 46.bin to the desktop.

When you are prompted for the bootloader files 39.bin and 46.bin in redsn0w , browse to the respective files saved on the desktop and click Next.

Now make sure your iPhone is connected to your PC/Mac and turn it off [Hold the power and slide to power off] and click Next.

Now follow the on screen instructions carefully, it is ok to miss those on the first try. Click back and try again [The 3 steps should as prompted should be done in the time shown on redsn0w].

Now let redsn0w do its thing! You will see some images on the iPhone which means it is jailbreaking, unlocking and activating your iPhone 2G! Wait till you see the homescreen, in other words leave the iPhone alone for few minutes.

Enjoy your jailbroken, Unlocked iPhone!

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  • Palsley said:

    Is RedSnow 0.9.3 for both Intel and PPC MACs?
    Thanks in advance!

    iPhone2G/Firmware2.2/SystemOSX 10.4.11

  • Melissa said:

    i unlocked a 2g iphone version 3.1.3 using windows

  • Kiran said:

    Good job! Easy ain't it?!

  • Melissa said:

    wow! i can't belive this worked thanks every easy once i found the bin files.

  • shanon stevens said:

    This did work for me, I have lost my icons for my phone, my settings, my photos… I have three icons: weather, cydia and voice memo. My dock is completely empty. HELP!

  • shanon stevens said:

    I got back the icons, i must have done something wrong. I re-did the steps listed above and am now syncing everything back to normal.

  • Kiran said:

    I am glad it all worked! Remember to backup every now and then. All you have to do is connect to iTunes – sync and thats it!

  • Anthony said:

    I just bought this iphone 2g off ebay.. had a broken screen and i replaced it.. umm.. stuck on needing to activate it.. figured this would work.. but not sure what the firmware is.. can anyone help?

  • Anthony said:

    Cant get past the first part of the redsnow.. ipsw isnt identified…

  • Anthony said:

    Think i got it this time… so excirted.. lol

  • Kiran said:

    Sweet! You did it! Good job on replacing the screen, I can never do that on a 2G iPhone, I have one lying around but it is way too difficult to replace the screen, 3G is easier!

  • xavier of barcelona said:

    hi, i just followed ur instruction and surprisingly it really works and i really thank u for that…these past few days i was so excited i kept on using my phone but i only noticed one problem… how do i desactivate the internet connection coz it's eating up my load since then… i would really appreciate if u can help me please
    my iPhone 2G version is 3.1.3(7E18) [just what the redsnow outcome],
    model MA712LL,
    modem firmware 04.05.04_G
    and i'm using Windows XP

  • Kiran said:

    You mean – to disable internet on your iPhone is it?? If yes, download SBSettings from Cydia and disable EDGE…

  • Chris said:

    Followed the instructions exactly! THANK YOU SO MUCH i've been trying to unlock and jailbreak my phone for days using blacRa1n and various other methods….this one worked on the first try easily!

    THANKS YOU my Iphone 2g is now working under T-mobile =)

  • Kiran said:

    Awesome! Great to hear :)

  • taufeeq said:

    Thank you so much … very nice

  • xavier of barcelona said:

    still waiting….

  • xavier of barcelona said:

    sorry but i'm not really good on this is there any exact app to download from cydia coz i'm only getting themes on mine…tnx again

  • xavier of barcelona said:

    did that but the internet connection is still working…a big letter E stil appears… any suggestion please…

  • greg said:

    Seems to have worked on upgrade, thank you. Now i'm working on mms. thank you very much this was an easy to follow guide, and it worked like a charm!

  • greg said:

    ok I tried this, and it worked, kinda. my phone is now upgraded to 3.1.3. I don't have service anymore. I'm using a 2g iphone using 3.1.3 firmware. I'm wanting to get mms working on my iphone. Any help would be great. thanks again

  • greg said:

    Let me clarify a little more. I was using 2g with 3.1 firmware on att prepaid service. I was needing to upgrade to 3.1.2, so I could enable mms on it. After doing the above, it is now upgraded to 3.1.3 and I have no service. I'm using windows xp pro. Thanks

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  • greg said:

    Nevermind. I don't know what I did, but it is now working. I went to try to restore to the file above. My computer shut down in the middle of the process and my iphone wouldn't do anything but show the connect to itunes logo. I restored to a new status, then followed the above thinking it wouldn't work and that I'd be back to where I was before my computer crash. Once the phone was completed, I noticed that I had service, and it is running 3.1.2. I sent a test message and it worked! Bad side, I lost everything except my contacts on my sim card, but since I'm still learning how to use it to its full potential, its not that bad *whew*.

    Thanks again, and any insights as to your interpretation would be great, but not necessary.


  • Kiran said:

    Hi Greg. With iTunes, you always have to let it sync and perform a full backup just in case. That way, all your data is backed up at all times. Just connect the iPhone to your PC / Mac every now and then and you are golden! Congrats on graduating iPhone 101!

  • greg said:

    yeah it gave me an option to restore to a backed up, but I didn't know if that would put me back to where I was before, so I decided to just lose everything and restart. Yeah it's a pain to put everything back on there, and I haven't learned everything about iTunes yet, but i'll get there. I've had this phone for about 2 weeks now and I'm still learning about it. It is very complex and very useful. Thanks again for the help. Greatly appreciated!

  • Kiran said:

    Restoring from backup will give you all the data back, it simply works!

  • sameng said:

    I bought iPhone 3gs and for "x" or "y" reason Now is 3.1.3(7E18); firmware 05.12.01 (I installed itune 9 on XP operation system) and I don’t know what I need to do… to unlock… I am really new in this matter… is my first iphone, (I was very happy with Siemens SX66 but it was broken) I did not know about all this complication on iPhone… (I want to cry… hihihi) anyway I studied a lot about… but what I need to do exactly?, it is recommendable to reboot? In order to get the original 3.1.2 & 05.08 or whichever it had originally on my iPhone. (I don’t know which version had originally but on the box, the serial no is: 84946DN… I read that with 46 before D, is possible to know)… then with this action will be possible to install jailbrake? and Cydia? sorry for my TV soap opera… somebody could help me…

  • sameng said:

    Kiran: Thks so much for your answer… believe me… I am very new in this matter and I don’t know where I need to looking for this file…? Cydia is not inside of my iPhone now…? maybe I can not find the file on it…, or maybe exist some procedure to do it…? I mean install Cydia and looking for the SHSH file…

  • Kiran said:

    Unfortunately, it cannot be unlocked as of now. For now you have no other option but 3.1.3 unless you have your 3.1.2 SHSH files stored on Cydia.

  • owlpassion said:

    I have iphone 2G and was i strickly follow all procedure as given above with redsn0w 0.9.3 and all that stuff.Thanks a lot..Appreciate to all those who is working hard and passing technology.

  • Najeeb said:

    wow, thank you very much, it is really works, i unlock my iphone 2g that was locked coz i upgraded from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3.

  • allen said:

    thnk you so much!!

  • kkiran said:

    Awesome! Great job!

  • eddie said:

    BRILLIANT!  So simple and worked perfectly.  thank you.  I was preparing for ages to get this done but these instructions were clear and simple!

  • John said:

    when I download the 3.1.2 firmware from the link the .ipsw file is not there. Any idea??

  • kkiran said:

    There are 2 parts (Rapidshare) links for 3.1.2 firmware. Not sure what you were referring to.. Click them both and click on download..

  • sen said:

    thanks i have unlocked my 2g iphone thanks thanks

  • Prateek said:

    Hey. I followed what ever you said here.
    But when i selected the corresponding firmware on redsn0w, it says IPSW is not identified.
    I have a iphone 2g. Please help. 

  • kkiran said:

    Are you sure you downloaded 3.1.2 stock Apple firmware and not 3.1.3?

    Does the file have .ipsw extension at the end?

  • John said:

    I have the same problem as Prateek. When I click and download "3.1.2 Stock iPhone firmware" there is no .ipsw file. Of course, I extracted the zip file. Also the link to redsn0w is not working for windows users. Ihave 2g iPhone too. I appreciate if you can help us. Thanks.

  • John said:

    I can't get it to work either.

  • kkiran said:

    You download the file and rename it to filename.ipsw since Windows can hide the extension. I fixed the links for redsn0w…

  • John said:

    I even renamed the biggest file which is about 217MB redsn0w does not recognize it as a ipsw file.

  • John said:

    Which file should I rename??

  • kkiran said:

    Did you join the 2 files using hj_split? What is the exact filesize – 217MB? In Windows, you have to enable extensions for folders and then if you still don't see .ipsw, rename it… Let me know!

  • John said:

    Which 2 files? When I extract the 3.1.2 zip file there are three .dmg files in the "iPhone1,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore" folder one is 217mb and the other two are 12mb. There are also 2 folders. Thanks.

  • John said:

    Thank you so much. It worked perfectly. The problem was when I downloaded the file, it downloaded as a zip file and when I extracted it, there was whole bounch of wired files. But when I clicked on it and saved it as a .ipsw file redsnow recognized it. Really appreciate your help Kiran.

  • kkiran said:

    Awesome! I am glad it finally worked!

  • John said:

    Which two files? there is only one folder "iPhone1,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore" in which there are three .dmg files. one of them is 217mb and other two are 12mb. there are two other folders too.

  • Kiran said:

    I thought you were downloading custom firmware.

    In your case, it is a stock firmware from Apple. I think Windows was automatically extracting the file that you downloaded. Right click on the download link and click on 'save as' and save the file as .ipsw. Lets see if that works. If not, I will try to help you remotely. 

  • Zac said:


  • san said:

    thanks a lot.
    i did the same as instructed and it worked.
    i appreciate u.
    thanks for your your

  • Jasmine said:

    Thank you so much!!! I t worked for the most part and your directions are by far the clearest directions I have read. I do have a couple questions though… I am using a unlocked for Tmobile 2g and upgraded (with your instructions) to the 3.1.3 firmware. Before upgrading I was able to get internet (which I pay for through T-mobile) but i no longer have internet. How do I fix this. Also I had mms where I could send pictures but I could not receive them. This feature has also went away. Is there any way to fix this problem?

  • kkiran said:

    Hi Jasmine. You will have to input T-Mobile's data settings in -> Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network. In the APN field enter wap.voicestream.com, leave the username and password blank.

    For MMS :
    APN: wap.voicestream.com
    MMS Proxy
    MMS Max Message Size:
    MMS UA Prof URL:

    Click Home to save.

    Install Legacy:
    1) Open Cydia
    2) Search for Legacy
    a. You should have 2 results
    b. Install first result (T-Mobile US – Postpaid/F…)
    3) Reboot Iphone.
    4) Send yourself a test MMS

    Try it and let me know!

  • jasmine said:

    Thank you. I was able to get internet again, but I do not have the option to even add the APN for messaging because that field is not there. When I went to cydia and searched for legacy it did not appear.
    Well at least I have internet again. Thanks!

  • jasmine said:

    Sorry, I forgot to include that I am using a PC windows vista.

  • kkiran said:

    Search for T-Mobile US in Cydia and try those listings for MMS configuration. I don't have T-Mo so can't test!

  • chappykansas said:

    I used this for T-Mobile and I can now call/text, which is great, but i am unable to get any data services (safari, email, facebook, etc) or a WiFi connection. I had a blackberry earlier today with internet so i know i have a data plan from T-Mobile. Can anyone help????

  • chappykansas said:

    For this, you tell us to enter wap.voicestream.com into the APN field… I see two APN fields, one under Cellular Data and one under Internet Tethering, which one (or both do we enter this into)???

  • chappykansas said:

    I read the info provided above by Kiran, and it worked great for making an internet connection, HOWEVER I still dont have WiFi for some reason

  • kkiran said:

    When did you lose WiFi capability? Was it working before you followed this guide? If yes, it is highly unlikely that your WiFi is affected. I suspect a hardware issue if the issue still persist even after restoring to a fresh 3.1.3 install..

  • k.s.s. said:

    I can't believe how easy this was. Thank you for the clear directions, and Thank you for making this available!

  • kkiran said:

    Welcome! I am glad it worked for you!

  • strangepants said:

    Process worked great. However I'm still getting "SIM Locked" message when I try to install my AT&T sim from my current phone. Is this something they can or will fix?

  • Ion said:

    Thank you very much for this how2 guide :)) My 2G has the latest firmware now

  • kkiran said:

    Awesome! I am glad it worked for ya!

  • tgus said:

    thanks for your help it work but i dont have any wifi

  • V.S. said:

    thank you soooo much! it worked just fine for me- wifi is working also! great!

  • Manny Lopez Yniguez said:

    use firefox to download ie converts d/l

  • guest said:


  • Pwn0nsight said:

    This didn't work for me, i followed the instructions exactly. The iphone shows the harddisk and says: "Downloading Jailbreak Data…" Then it reboots and i get back to the same emergency call only screen. What could i have done wrong? Or what else should i try?

  • Kiran said:

    You may try custom firmware as a last resort. Mac or Windows btw? 32/64bit?

  • Subramanian said:

    Thanks Buddy, Your Instructions were awesome. I was able to Jailbreak and unlock my Original iPhone which had Version 3.1.3 with Modem Firmware 04.05.04_G. Note: Use redsn0w 0.9.3. The Next Version redsn0w 0.9.4 doesn't work for Original iPhone.

  • ZroX said:

    This seems to be easy but custom firmware would have been great 😉

  • kkiran said:

    Trust me, iPhone 2G is zero risk, so this works great!

  • DELAMY.wa said:

    I tried it today and it just worked for me perfectly. Thanks so much to the writer for such a post. I really am grateful.

  • David said:

    I went through the entire procedure successfully, I thought. After everything was done, I shut off the phone, inserted a T-Mobile sim and started the phone again. All my icons are there, including Cydia. However, there is "No Service." I cannot use the phone. Help!

  • David said:

    This is an original iPhone, Version 3.1.3 (7E18) with 04.05.04_G.

  • kkiran said:

    Try bootneuter from cydia to unlock.

  • kkiran said:

    It is totally unlockable. Launch Cydia and search for bootneuter and perform the unlock…

  • David said:

    Sorry, I don't see "bootneuter" in Cydia. What is it and where is it?

  • David said:

    Sorry, I don't see "bootneuter" in Cydia. What is it and where can I find it?

  • David said:

    OK, I found out on the web what to do and installed it through Cydia. Performed the flash successfully for both versions 3.9 and 4.6. Software appears buggy and freezes from time to time. Stays too long on "Determining current settings." In any case, the Carrier is recognized haphazardly. Sometimes the carrier is there and sometimes it is missing with "No Service." I cannot make or receive calls even when the carrier is visible. Is there a solution for this?

  • ZroX said:


    I have downloaded http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite.net/content.i… 2g 3.1.3 original firmware in office. How to install it?

  • aryeh said:

    Thanks you rock

  • kkiran said:

    Please follow this guide step by step. redsn0w should take care of it all..

  • kkiran said:

    I would try this guide one more time verbatim. Let us start from scratch with official firmware 3.1.3 as noted in the guide. Apple cares less about iPhone 2G baseband, so it can completely be unlocked… I am hoping there is no hardware issue in your iPhone..

  • kkiran said:


  • David said:

    I tried it for the third time, and this time everything appears to be working just fine. I tested phone calls with three different sims on two different carriers and they all worked. Because I followed the same procedure religiously all three times, I do not understand why it did not work before. The Bootneuter was buggy during my second attempt and hung a few times. In any case, all is well now and I thank you very much indeed for all your help.

  • David said:

    I have jailbroken and unlocked successfully, and have no need for installing any applications through Cydia. Will I need Cydia again? I would like to uninstall it. Is it okay to do that?

  • kiran said:

    Congratulations! You never know when you need Cydia. I would suggest leaving it alone.

  • Tim said:

    Hi, I was able to jailbreak using Balckrain but couldn't unlock it so uninstalled blackrain and cyndia and tried to unloack again using blackrain. This time my phone wouldn't jailbreak at all, tried multiple time but all the steps runs fine but when done there is no blacksnow logo on my phone.
    Can someone please help, I am stuck here for 2 days.

    PS: I have an iphone 2g 3.1.2 on 04.05.04_G

  • kiran said:

    I would strongly recommend the guide here for your 2G iPhone. Try redsn0w as suggested in this post and you should be golden..

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  • esss said:


  • Andre said:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, You have got me out of huge trouble with your guide thank you so much

  • kiran said:

    You are welcome!

  • Manjo said:

    thank you sooooooooooo much.. u r the best n thnks redsnow

  • sugar said:

    stucked up on the emergency call screen, when i am running the redsnow and and browsed the downloaded firmware redsnow couldn't recognize the ipsw file i've downloaded. what am i going to do now? help me please,,,,

  • Courtney said:

    My current situation: my 2g iPhone is stuck on the iTunes logo with the USB cord pointing at it, when attached to iTunes, it says that the SIM card isn't valid, but my T-Mobile card is in, I can receive texts and phone calls, and make calls from the emergency screen to any number. I updated to 3.1.3 on my Windows XP computer, & got locked to the iTunes/USB screen. Redsn0w has the same problem on Windows as on Mac.

    Running 10.4 Tiger, 2g Iphone, updated through iTunes to 3.1.3, but the newest Redsn0w doesn't run on my OS – I got Redsnow 8, and though it won't recognize any ipsw file newer than 3.0.7(I tried official, unofficial, custom from this site, official moved to another folder, unofficial put into the iTunes folder).

    PwnageTool gives me the error of "Wrong Firmware Bundle Selected" no matter which ipsw I try (and attempting it through all 3 different iPhone types).

    QuickPwn doesn't recognize my iPhone is plugged in, trying another port, and another computer.

    Blackra1n doesn't do anything, after running it twice during the reboot hang screen.

    Restoring custom ipsw from this site (after being joined) gives me an error 2001 or error 1500 – won't install through iTunes or redsn0w.

    Redsn0w: only ipsw that would be read was 3.0.7, so I attempted to install that. First attempt hung at "waiting for reboot" on my desktop. Second attempt, I unplugged and replugged, only to have it hang at the "installing jailbreak data" on the iPhone. Third attempt, I got a black screen on the iPhone after redsnow said "done!", then right back to the iTunes/USB screen.

    I then tried to restore through iTunes with the custom ipsw, but I get the same error as before, either 1603, 2001, or 1500.

    I swear, I think I've come across every single error, problem, and bug out there when I'm working on this – I've been scouring the web for each error solution as they come up, any help would be fabulous!

  • kkiran said:

    I believe you are using the latest version of firmware instead of one step lower. For instance, while trying to jailbrak 4.0.1, you have to browse iOS 4 instead of 4.0.1.

  • kkiran said:

    Using blackra1n, you have to quickly unplug the usb cable after the first run. it can make a difference.

    iPhone 2G is the least secured of all iPhones. I would try redsn0w which is a proven software for iPhone 2G on a different machine, preferably Mac. It sure is a puzzle, hopefully you will find a different Mac/PC to try.

  • guest said:

    hi sugar, i had an issue with redsnow not recognizing the ipsw file. I did a google search on the exact anme of the ipsw file, and found other download links. I then used the other downloaded file, and then it recognized and did the jailbreak unlock stuff no problem. If you need the iphone 2g file referenced above, you can email me at romeomm@hotmail.com and I can email it to you. I may be able to find the download url i used as well. Hope this helps you.

  • kkiran said:

    I would suggest you try jailbreakme.com for now!

  • Daniel said:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I spent hours trying to do this because stupid me updated software. FOllow step by step and all should be smooth. To all contributors, god bless your talented souls. : )

  • waleed said:

    My ISPW is recognized on 2g iphone the bootloader is uploaded and after that when i press the power and home screen everything goes ok redsnow says done rest will be done on your device and then the device goes blank with a grey screen nothing goes ahead of that
    i had 3.0 on my iphone
    upgrade goes ok
    jailbreak doesnt work
    please help

  • Mohamed Ahmed Fouad said:

    Woork for me
    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks :)

  • Drew said:

    Hey guys thanks for the unlock it was my first time and you guy couldn't have made it any more simple I've been on the unlock for about 12 hours now and I love it but one thing I notice is that I can't recurve mms pictures can you or any one help please email dr33zy_90@yahoo.com thanks DREW

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  • funky_chilli said:

    Thanks I followed the instructions and have unlocked my iPhone 2G. After sitting in my drawer unused for over two years now I can use it again! :)

    However I have a slight problem, after I followed the instructions, it worked well and I had apps like Cydia etc on my screen.

    But after I plugged it in iTunes, it automatically restored it again but then I lost half of the apps. I lost simple things like the App Store, Cydia, Mail, and iPod.

    What did I do wrong? I was happy with the result after redsn0w did it's thing, but now that I've lost those apps, I dunno what I can do with my phone? lol

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks :)

  • [2G] Ratunku! said:

    […] -odblokuj za pomocą Redsnow: Jailbreak, Activate and Unlock Original iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Firmware Using redsn0w [Windows/Mac] | iLike… Komputer: HP- C2D iMAC G4 LEO 10.5.8 DELL XPS Windows 7 Telefon: iPhone 3GS 32 GB Black […]

  • FallenStar said:

    Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart xD !

  • Rob said:

    Hey I want to thank you so much for your help. It worked for my iphone. All those other advice from people was total crap. You're a solid resourceful person. Thanks again.

  • Agent_Nothing said:


    I was having some problems with the newer version of redsnow. I found your page here, and although the steps were nearly the same, this version worked. My phone is back up and running, now with 3.1.3 fw. Much appreciated!

  • Kan said:

    i downloaded http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite.net/content.i… thise and seems to be .zip not ipsw? what should i do?

  • Cody said:

    You unpack it using winRAR 😛

  • Kiran said:

    Just rename .zip to .ipsw

  • kay said:

    hi, my phone is 2g 3.1.3 and its on the emergency screen, its already jailbroken before. will this activate my iphone. cos thats the only thing i need done! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ help. i have windows 7.

  • Burat said:

    I AGREE!

  • Kiran said:

    Just rename it to .ipsw. Windows systems recognize them as zip files.

  • Souvik said:

    U am stuck in emergency call….will it help me to active iphone….

  • Kiran said:

    Yes it will, just follow step by step..

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  • more said:

    Thanks for your help, it worked out in the end. The point was to use redsn0w 0.9.3 and not the current 0.9.6 version.

  • cy11 said:

    It's stuck at Please Wait, Determining current settings. WHAT SHOULD I DO? help!!
    this is my 3rd try already.
    iphone 2g. 3.1.3

  • LeighTopher said:

    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! I tried to "upgrade" to an Android, but it just didn't measure up, so I tried to go back to my old trusty original iPhone. Well, they gave me a new sim card (for some unknown reason) which then would not work in my old iPhone. AT&T people tried everything they could to get it working. Three ruined sim cards later, they had given up. Having no other options, I decided to try to unlock my phone. I have zero experience with any type of computer stuff beyond Facebook, so I was afraid I would fail miserably! These steps were so easy and concise that I had absolutely no problem getting it done. My phone is now working!!!!!!! I am so happy that I am not forced into an unwanted upgrade! Many, many thanks!!!!

  • pj123 said:

    oh forgot to mention re my previous entry. I keep getting a red exclamation point when I try to text photos with my jailbroken iphone 2g. plzzzzz heeeeelp.

  • help said:

    I have an old iphone 2g stick in connect to itunes account, how can I activate it without sim card,, i tried it all please help

  • okplease help said:

    I have an old 2g iphone stuck in the connect to itunes or emergency call screen, how can I activate it without the sim to use.

  • [2G - 3.1.3] SimLock za granicą! said:

    […] -i na tym polega twoj bląd! Musisz uzyc: Jailbreak, Activate and Unlock Original iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Firmware Using redsn0w [Windows/Mac] | iLike… -z tym ze musisz zaczac od Restore 3.1.3. Komputer: HP- C2D W7 iMAC G4 LEO 10.5.8 DELL XPS […]

  • dan said:

    my first iPhone jailbroke normally, but the second one shows the “Downloading Jailbreak Data” and nothing seemes to happen for 15 minutes or so.

    What may I miss from the instruction?


  • [2G] Iphone 2G - nowy soft ... said:

    […] wymaga aktywacji, JB i ominięcia simlocka. Poniżej masz link do strony z opisem jak to zrobić. Jailbreak, Activate and Unlock Original iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Firmware Using redsn0w [Windows/Mac] | iLike… //T Cytuj   + Odpowiedz na ten temat « Poprzedni temat […]

  • faizan said:

    dnt worry man just do the method stated above and it'll be fine. activation, jailbreak and unlock at the same time:-)

  • faizan said:

    its possible that your MMS settings are not ok check them first

  • runningwithscissers said:

    Someone please help! I have an iphone 2g. I used redsnow and followed step by step instructions. For some reason it seems to only be working halfway. I cannot access the home screen…only the emergency call screen and it says t-mobile up by the signal bars. I can make and receive calls. If a text comes in it pops up for just a few seconds then disappears…never to be seen again. I have been working on this for 3 weeks now and it is driving me insane.

  • toestel activeren? - iPhone Forum - alles over de Apple iPhone, iPad en iPod touch said:

    […] Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door bosoe ik heb een 2g toestel uit de usa. heeft het altijd gedaan heb iets verkeerd gedownload en moest een restore doen. ik blijf vast zitten activatie scherm. toestel vraagt om geldige sim kaart. heb al een Iphone universal activation card gekocht. dit werkt ook niet heb via redsn0w heet een en ander geprobeerd maar blijf in de activatie scherm hangen. ik hebiliberty+ geprobeerd maar hij kan mijn iphone niet vinden en kan dus niet op (do it) drukken). wie heeft er een oplossing ???? Jailbreak, Activate and Unlock Original iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Firmware Using redsn0w [Windows/Mac] | iLike… […]

  • marcus said:

    my ipsw is not successfully identified, so i am unable to browse as i open redsnow. HELP pleasee.

  • marcus said:

    Oh, never mentioned, i have windows with my original iphone (3.1.3)

  • Alvega said:

    Just fine!
    Did exactly what I was told, it did exactly what I expected: I have it upgraded to 3.1.3!

    (I had a unlocked/jail-broken 2G in iOS 3.1.2, if you wondered. I was skeptical to upgrade to this one. Out to install AmplitubeFree!! :P)

  • IDESTROY said:


  • IDESTROY said:

    Have u got it figured out yet if not i could email you the one i used

  • IDESTROY said:

    im running win7 , 2g 8gb, current itunes

  • tevien said:

    Hy all,i have Iphone 2G and i want sim unlock,and follows these steps.Every steps is okay,because in the end my iphone is stuck at " Downloading Jailbreak Data…" Screen, what i can do? (sry for my bad english languages)
    Somebody help me please! :)

    : in the end (after the "uploading ramdisk"),i can click on the finish button,but my phone is stuck in downloading jailbreak data.

    Thanks thanks!

  • Farzad said:

    Notice all these instructions on the Internet have some sort of a flaw. This one says download redsn0w 9.3 and Firmware 3.1.2. That is fine. But if you look at the dialog boxes here you will see that redsn0w 9.2 is running not 9.3. Which is the right one remains to be discovered. I have tried both and have not been able to achieve what these instructions say I can.

    I would be happy, now after weeks of frustration, to simply ship my iPhone to someone, pay their fees and get this done and over with.

  • dang!! said:

    thank u…worked perfectly…:)

  • reniel311 said:

    Hi I have iphone 2g and wanted to unlock my sim but when I was running redsn0w at the beginning where you have to browse for the 3.1.2 update it stood "Unable to recognize specified IPSW" when I was browsing the right file! please help mee!!!!!

  • Kiran said:

    I experienced a similar error with the latest version of redsn0w. You might want to try version 0.9.2.

  • arshad said:

    i was also facing the same problem..but i finally have solved it….
    first of all download your desired firmware and it to a desired location
    then open your i tunes and put your iphone in DFU mode..(if you dont know if a DFU mode is searc on google) then itines will recognize your iphone in recovery mode..
    hold the shift button and click restore(while holding the shift key)
    browse to the place where you have saved your firmware
    click ok…the i-tunes will restore your phone and then you can unlock it using redsnow or blackr1n…hope it help you….thanks

  • nik said:

    its for ios3.1.2 not for 3.1.3 cos that doesnt activate it

  • Jason said:

    Hey this worked great, but i cant access youtube or the youtube button says "cannot connect to youtube"
    If i use an non jailbreaked iphone it works fine. Any ideas why?

  • Jason said:

    Hi this worked for me, i just needed to use redsn0w 0.9.2
    It worked on 2 2G phones i have.

  • Jason said:

    Thanks, 0.9.2. also worked for me.

  • MOHAMMED said:

    Followed your steps got right to the end when it says waiting to reboot and i waited about an hour and it still did't work.
    Any ideas If you do PLEASE COMMENT BACK!!!!!

  • MOHAMMED said:

    CHEERS :)

  • MOHAMMED said:


  • Kiran said:

    In that case, when you get to the last step, try unplugging the USB cable and plug it back in, you should see a white screen and hopefully, good to go!

  • Natalie said:

    I just followed these instructions and it worked perfect!! I didn't use the bootloader files from above link, found them elsewhere…But IT WORKED!!!! Thank you soooo much…first time I've ever done this:)

  • fffff said:

    it worked for me but its slow cause i chose back up from older device, is of new iphone

  • jay said:

    so i did everything and i've done this 4 times with different websites and ive done the same exact thing. my iphone 2g, 3.1.3 version (win) is unlocked and everything except on my phone it says "no sim" even though i have it in there.

    does anyone know what may be wrong? i have a tmobile sim card

  • Javicho said:

    Man Thank so much, its working, its working UUUUUHUUUU!!!

  • Haylee(; said:

    has anybody tried with amat&t prepaid go phone sim card?

  • Haylee said:

    Has anybody tried with an at&t go-Phone prepaid sim card?
    – Haylee(:

  • Hay said:

    What company did you unlock to use with ?

  • Hay said:

    Has anybody tried with an at&t go-Phone prepaid sim card?

  • Hay said:

    So when i follow all these instructions, it should take the iphone to like where i can get to the music and everything? What if it says connect to iTunes? Then what?1 HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP<3

  • Kiran said:

    If it says – connect to iTunes, it means it is waiting for activation. Did you use a Windows computer or a Mac? Did you follow the steps above verbatim?

  • Hay said:

    I used Windows…But then how can I activate it ? Cause itunes wont let me….cause im trying to activate using att go phone sim card

  • Kiran said:

    Good thing you mentioned AT&T Go Phone – All you have to do is call AT&T and ask them to enable your SIM card for iPhone 2G. That is what I did for my sister's iPhone 3G. So call them and request them. If they give a hard time, try again, trust me it works!

    p.s : You should disable data yourself, you can use SBSettings via Cydia for that…

  • Kiran said:

    If you tried all the steps above, then try rebooting your iPhone. If it still ays 'No Service', then launch Cydia and try installing BootNeuter to unlock it.

  • chulbuli said:

    thanks for writting one of the most sensible manual on jail breaking. I have a 2nd hand iphone 2g which I purchased from ebay. Before I proceed with the above steps, I have the following queries & will appreciate if you can help solve them
    1) will I be able to sync my iphone with itunes AFTER I folllow all the above steps.
    2) If not, how can I deete the existing contacts & manage my iphone apps?

  • vanna said:

    i did this on a previously jailbroken/unlocked 2g phone running 3.1.3. i did a restore in itunes first then followed this, and now after the whole process, during the reboot it is stuck on the apple screen. regular apple screen, not the redsn0w logo…. not sure where to go from here? i'm on a mac os 10.4.

  • jonam said:

    worked perfevctly for my iphone 2g. Thanks for the info

  • Linda said:

    I just did the same thing. Still showing the apple logo and occasional time wheel but it isn't moving. Did you make any progress?

  • cole said:

    Red snow won't recognise any of the ipsw files i download. and now i'm fricken pissed. i lost alot of music because apple is dumb about every thing they do. way to screw up every thing apple. i'm going to go buy a zune now.

  • mike said:

    yes i have and the at&t go-phone sim card will NOT work….

  • Kiran said:

    You need a specific version of redsn0w for 2G iphone as specified in the article.

  • Patrik said:

    i have 1 IpHone2g 3.1.3 "cannot Recognize ipsw" :(

    Plxxx HelpP me

  • abel monti said:

    hey your the best men this work perfect some onether detail is u have to wait for a litter big and let it reboot for his own and it hoing to be perfect

  • Gia said:

    This works! My boyfriend found an iPhone 2G and it was useless after I foolishly updated it in itunes. I used redsn0w 9.3 on my mac with firmware 3.1.2. Awesome.

  • DR.PRAVEEN said:

    thanx dude u really saved my money thanx thanx alot……

  • Gia said:

    There's no Installer App included with this method and I can't figure out how to install it. A google search is leading me in circles. Cydia won't load, it just keeps spinning "loading data" and WiFi keeps crashing after jailbreaking iPhone 2G firmware 3.1.3 on a Mac. I need Cydia to install Installer and I need Installer to fix Cydia. Help? I restored and jailbroke again, didn't work…

  • JULIANzion said:

    hi need urgent solution
    i have an iphone 2g which my friend has unknowingly updated yesterday it has by default updated to 3.1.3 but i cant seem to jailbreak using all methods but have not tried redsn0w will i lose my data if i jailbreak thru redsn0w on windows/mac

    please reply asap

  • Jimbojambo said:

    you can connect to itunes and sync all your data but never click update software when prompted! and probably safer to never 'send data to apple' when prompted on the odd occasion also!

  • carolina said:

    I did everything, it is jailbroken but doesnt recognize the sim, please help. I am in Japan

  • guest said:

    works on mine

  • Bentheden said:

    I am so grateful. You have shown me how to jailbreak, unlock and activate so clearly. Everything went smoothly and my iphone 2g is now fully functional again.

    Thanks a million

  • Marie said:

    Oh WOW I have tried tons of ways to jailbreak iPhone and those never worked. I LOVES YOU! LOL Thanks alot. (I have iPhone 2G with 3.X version and used Win)

  • bboy5 said:

    Thanks for these instructions. My previously jailbroken 1st gen iphone stopped booting (only showed the apple logo, then went black). I installed 3.1.3 firmware on itunes, but then it wouldn't activate because it didn't recognize the sim card (tmobile). Found your instructions, followed them, and I'm back in business. Thanks again!

  • xxnicole said:

    OMG THANK YOU! My 2g was originally jailbroken but i accidently updated it and ruined everything, i didn't have a clue how to jailbreak because it was not activated! This is great! I was DYING!

  • Benny said:

    Simply Superb. Real amazing and ma Phone is workin all fine now. Thank you so much for the Instruction.

  • Daniel said:

    I'm sorry. I'm going crazy because its not working for me!I have the Redsnow, I downloaded the bootloader files and the 3.1.2 Stock iPhone firmware. Once I open the Redsnow and click browse and open the 3.1.2 firmware it say "unable to recognize specified IPSW". I dont know what else to do. Obviously it worked for everyone, but i dont know why not for me!
    Really really hope you can help me!
    Thank youu!!

  • Kiran said:

    Looks like you are using the wrong version of redsn0w if not the wrong ipsw. Did you download redsn0w v0.9.3?

  • Zman said:

    i have the same problem but fix it. you need to download the 3.1.2. stock iphone firmware. if download from this site then it wont work(it didn't work for me). just search on the google and download from other source.

    try this =http://www.redmondpie.com/download-the-new-iphone-os-firmware-3.1.2-aga809/
    SELECT : download iPhone OS 3.1.2 for iPhone 2G

  • uRock said:

    Thats you guys, you guys helped me out alot, i had a spare iphone 2g, and i dont got the money right now to buy a new one flat out, so this helped a bunch!! thank you so much!

  • munceyman said:

    thanks thanks thanks u the man

  • George Thompson said:

    remember to choose the 3.1.2 firmware, not the 3.1.3, you can get the 3.1.2 firmware from here

  • Dakota said:


  • czxczx said:

    i have an already jail broken iphone 2g with a 3.0 firmware. i wanted to upgrade it to 3.1.3 firmware, can i use this procedure? will this work even if i had jail broken my iphone before? will this process erase my contacts and pictures etc.? Please enlighten me. Thanks in advance!!

  • djozaa said:

    hello, what if i cant turn off my iphone 2g afther i updated it to 3.1.3, power button doesnt respond

  • Syssop said:

    Thanks, it worked.

  • faisal said:

    this is superb man !
    you are my hero.

  • vicsouza said:

    Thank you very much man!

  • Chintho said:

    Awesome!!! I just jailbroke my 2g.. :) Super

  • CANLACB said:

    Thanks so much! Helped out a lot. Quick and easy!

  • kween said:

    this solution worked for my phone but what about updating the apps? bc now it wants to update two of the apps…

  • Barry K said:

    I tried activating my 1st Gen iPhone using the iTunes software, legit with AT&T… I must have tried about 100 different times with 4 different versions of iTunes. No matter what, my iPhone would not unbrick and activate. This worked great. The only problem I encountered is that Internet Explorer kept downloading the ispw file as a zip. I had to install Firefox and download the ispw file from there. Thanks again so much!

  • Leandro Ribeiro said:

    Thanks man! Very thanks! Saved me :)

  • xxxobzeexxx said:

    excellent, thanks for all the help – one jailbroken iphone 2g :) One problem I had was that explorer kept ownloading the ipsw as zip files and I couldn't extract the data, so I installed firefox anad the files downloaded straight away

  • kennedy said:

    Thanks man, u are good. I can now enjoy my iphone 2g.

  • Kishan said:

    we updated our iphone with 3.1.3 and later we are downloading download 3.1.2 Stock iPhone firmware. so will it work and the snap says redsnow0.9.2 and u instructed to download redsnow0.9.3?????? plz reply

  • Kiran said:

    Please follow them, step by step. Download the 0.9.3 version of redsn0w instead.

  • Walter said:

    You are the man. I was going crazy trying to get my iPhone 2G working. Thanks You

  • Ryan said:

    Will this work for a used iPhone?

  • Dan said:

    Sweet thanks- that worked great!

  • champrss said:

    A millions of thank you! The last time i unlocked and jailbreak my iphone 2g was long way back to year 2008 using Ziphone. But the Apps tool being outdated and some apps i've download eventually can not be used.

    Now at last i can have Cydia in my iphone. Very glad!

    FYI, me also download iPhone1,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore using firefox.


  • Smartiefiend said:

    Oh my word – this actually worked – I love you! Having spent 9 hours yesterday trying to get my phone unlocked, thsis worked in about 10 minutes – you sir, are a genius!

  • Kiran said:

    You are welcome, a million times!

  • Kiran said:

    I am glad it worked for you!

  • Dixon said:

    Thanks yo! i really was stuck after using a bunch of other site but here..everythings here.all files needed and in the versions necessary.Again, thanks yo!

  • theo said:

    You will also need to acrivate push notifications since its messed up, actually only one fix works and its http://pushfix.info sadly it costs around 5 bucks but worth it, i paid for it yesterday and iPhone is like it should be

  • NILESH said:

    WHEN I AM CONNETING TO PC I AM NOT GETTING APP IN PC can u give me new software

  • Alex said:


    This didn't work for me, I've tried twice. Any ideas?

  • Anneline said:

    Remember to have a sim-card plugged in….. I tried without a sim first, and it didn`t work. Tried again with the sim-card and it worked like a charm :-)

  • mido said:

    plaise help me when i try to unlock my iphone 2g i do all this steps but he stop in the rebot step!!!!

  • Kiran said:

    Did you see any images on the iPhone after redsn0w? Any scrolling text on the screen at all?

  • Kiran said:


  • Kiran said:

    Glad it worked for you!

  • Kiran said:

    I am sorry, I did not understand your question.

  • idunno said:

    you, my friend, are a LEGEND!!!


  • Narayan said:

    It's really great information, it worked perfectly thanks a lot for posting this

  • Josh said:

    I've tried this a couple times, however once the process on the phone finishes, the phone just boots to Recovery Mode. Any ideas?

  • Marco said:

    nop, i had the same issue, it got stock in the reboot step, and nothing happens

  • iKab said:

    Thanks for the post was really helpful

  • Spongebob said:

    I did try twice and it didn't work, but I tried 3rd time, it worked on my phone. You need to do exactly what it instructed in order to get result. Especially the 1st step. You hold on the power button if you see the apple icon appears then hold on home button if you see power on it is is working. Just follow the 3rd step. If on the 2nd step, you see your phone is black, it won't work. You must start again by pulling out the USB cable and re-plug it in and make sure your phone power is off. Good luck.

  • Spongebob said:

    Sorry, this comment is for Alex.

  • Spongebob said:

    After I unlocked my phone, I put my sim (T-mobile), it said "no service". Do you have any ideas? Please advise.

  • Kiran said:

    Try rebooting the device. It might take some time to find a signal but eventually it should show the signal. Turn airplane mode on/off too.

  • Spongebob said:

    I got it thanks.

  • adegaf said:


  • KZB said:

    Thanks! It worked!

  • Yungjeeezy said:

    wow..thnx so much..it worked..cheers

  • Abdul Hadi said:

    Followed the Instructions and unlocked the phone. You are Amazing.

  • Christopher Tushaj said:

    same here…i spent all night trying to get it to work. apparently i needed to download the correct version of Redsn0w AND download the right firmware.

    i have an iphone 2g with 3.1.3 on it already.
    i uploaded the iphone firmware 3.1.2 with Redsnow, version 9.3 (NOT 9.5***) 9.5 doesn't recognize the 3.1.2 firmware file.
    i uploaded the two .bin files (BL-39 and BL-46)
    i selected 'unlock' (i didn't select install cydia because mine was already jailbroken-i jailbroke it a couple hours ago)
    then that was it! finally it works with

  • Luiz Felipe said:

    Thank you soooo much, worked like a charm with my bricked 2G =)))

  • Anna said:

    i ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!.. this worked like a charm! tx!!

  • wayner315 said:

    You guys are the absolute best. If your ever in upstate n.y. come see me at my bar and your drinks are on me. Thank you

  • sharky said:

    This is so awsome! Works perfectly with easy to follow instructions. Thanks a million!

  • ana78 said:

    PERFECT! thanks for making this easy for those who cant understand much about technology!

  • betim said:

    I have an Iphone 2G IOS 3.1.3, fw 04.05.04_g, Iphone was never unlocked or JB, this method is not working form me please cah you help me about this issue?
    how can I Unlock?
    I used this method described here, I used original IOS 3.1.3 -redsnow 0.94 and 3.1.2 FW;
    I tried whitedr00, tried Blackrain, tried on 3.1.3; 3.1.2.; 3.0 none of those worked form me. (Windows 7 – itunes curent latest)
    please tell me what I am doing wrong?
    my e-mail is betimjahaj@gmailcom

  • QTYNA said:

    thank you sooooo much! i tried about 10 things for 3 days hih this worked and very wel explained!!!!!

  • Chris said:

    Thanks for the help

  • Trinidadian said:

    I'm in the Caribbean…. this unlocks the phone but I cannot connect to my carrier.

    Anything I can try to get this to work?

  • james said:

    i jail break my i phone 4 now cannot run some application like email,calendar and safari how can I restore it or fix it thank you..

  • antondmp said:

    thanks works for me

  • free itunes download codes said:

    Hello there. Only desired to consult an instant dilemma. I am just setting up my own, personal web site along with would
    choose to understand in which you still have your current topic?
    Was the idea free? Or perhaps haad been that paid for? I can not
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    Thanks. PS, my i’m sorry. British isn’t our initial

  • juan said:

    obrigado, comigo funcionou perfeitamente….

  • anam said:

    hey my brother just did this n my phone is not opening its showing me to connect to itunes after reseting country n language wht should i do ???

  • anam said:

    plz help me i need to open my iphone 3gs i dont know whts the problem?? plz rpy me fast

  • anam said:

    i need help [plz

  • jailbreak ipad 2 said:

    When it comes to computers, we need to prepare
    for the worst, and hope it never happens, but many times it does.
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