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Apple iPhone 1.0 – To Choose or to Wait for iPhone 2.0?

24 June 2007 2 Comments

iPhone is the buzz word all over the internet. Apple created a lot of hype on this shiny cute little device and only June 29 will decide it! I am charting out few observations about the mighty little iPhone cos’ I fear I don’t have the right amount of funds to flaunt an iPhone,atleast on the release day! Yeah $499-$599 is way too much for an average student like me though I would give everything up to adopt the latest in technology. I was researching on Multi Touch and found Jeff Han’s innovation. Before even digesting the technical know-how of the technology,Steve announced the BIG thing. Since then,I was constantly watching iPhone trends and it ranked#1 in my wish-list. Why is everything a secret about the iPhone? Why don’t AT&T give out plan information even though it is due to release the Marvel in 5 days? No one knows if Data Plan is a compulsion,let alone the 2 yr contract. Is paying $500 upfront and half a hundred(min) every month for this gadget justified? Why don’t you wait and buy an unlocked version of the iPhone thereby avoiding AT&T crap?? Cingular 8525 had a similar hype though amongst Windows Biz users and now it is easily available for about $350-$400 without an AT&T contract!! Apple is known for innovation and multi-touch is by far the best innovation atleast for the common man but why did they leave GPS and 3G out from this GEM?? May be they are saving them for iPhone 2.0? Speculation is rife about 3G,GPS,3~5MP camera and a huge HD drive in iPhone 2.0 which is already in the works in Asia 🙂

I urge Apple enthusiasts, students, average man/woman to not go for a locked iPhone – instead,vie for an unlocked version thereby creating an opportunity to sell it off when clock ticks for an iPhone 2.0 or Meizu in case you feel Apple is restricting your freedom as far as downloadable applications are concerned. I have a feeling that programmers will strip the iPhone from its protective shell and come out with a different UI which eases endless customization – be it downloading apps,changing the layout and what not on this Best Gadget in the days to come!


  • tttexxan said:

    I see some of you points but really why w8. I talked with an AT&T rep today who stated you can buy the phone with a 30day return policy. No brainer there…I will try it and if its good keep it. If crap will return. Even if it didnt have a return policy I would still buy and then upgrade when second generation comes out. My first gen would still be worth some money to those who cant afford higher priced items. I could most likely get 200-250 and then spend little more for the upgrade. This is like a lease. Granted I have the funds to do such. Im looking forward to buying and glad your encourging people to w8. That will allow smaller lines and less people hogging up the edge. Thanks :>)

  • tttexxan said:

    Hey thanks for the email…I sent one back to ya…I will let you know how the phone is working out on Friday if you like…

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