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iPhone 1.0 Fails to Reach Expectations – Reasons

27 June 2007 4 Comments

After a month full of iPhone Talk all over, it is sorta proved that it failed in certain areas where a normal phone would not! Interesting but true that iPhone cannot send MMS(well,it is not important anyways!!), cannot take Videos?? Come on Apple, why Video is crippled in such great device? No A2DP – Hey it is a next generation phone without the ability to listen to music via Bluetooth?? You should be kidding! The biggest drawback – the speed at which you can connect to Internet via AT&T on EDGE network while other simple phones from AT&T are 3G enabled! All in all, how can Steve Jobs think that iPhone Rocks with just an intuitive UI and cool hardware!!

The rate plans for iPhone seem interesting though – $59.99 minimum plan with 200 SMS, Unlimited Data (EDGE of course,no 3G – So its not that great!!).

iPhone hell finally ends – thanks to Engadget, the reviewers and all iPhone diggers 🙂 Time to get back to my Windows Mobile deivces now, too bad Apple failed 🙁 People still wanting to pay $200 for someone to stand in line for iPhone – CRAZY!! Enjoy the iPhone and enjoy the Hype but a good story ends on a sad note!


  • John Dough said:

    You’re so wrong. 3G is no good on a tiny screen with a crap interface. I’d rather have a good experience over a slower connection.

    Video would have been nice, but like many others have said, all that sort of stuff is extra – it’s primarily a phone. In this case, with an awesome interface.

  • admin said:

    Well, when my Cingular 8125 can do wonders with its features, iPhone can do them a lot better with the required tweaks/features enabled like video,3G and stuff. Good that you are still happy with iPhone 1.0!!

  • Ross said:

    Yes it is Apple. Scared? It wont hurt you. It is not “gay”. It is just a brand you are not familiar with. If it isn’t loaded with windows hell you can’t seem to get how it is still even more wonderful. Beyond any shadow of a doubt iPhone kicks ass. Therapy meets on Thursdays.

  • admin said:

    Well, I am pretty familiar with Macs and Apple in particular 🙂 I love Apple for its innovations!! Well, iPhone 2.0 would be more fun though!!

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