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Unlock iPhone Partially – Geeks Only for now :) (Independence Day Special)!!

4 July 2007 8 Comments

Well,the word is (un)officially out from iPhone Dev WiKi and Nanocr confirming that iPhone which has never been activated can be used a glorified iPod with WiFi features. Both the sources followed similar approaches and attained an even similar results – Independence day gift indeed 🙂

Though the entire process of achieving the iPod and WiFi functionalities of iPhone without even doing anything AT&T is recommended forhardcore geeks at the moment cos’ it is pretty complicated. Anyways,the cracks are out and can be accessed from http://iphone.fiveforty.net/wiki/index.php?title=Major_Release and http://nanocr.eu/ – whichever you feel is comfortable 🙂


  • Unlock iPhone Partially - Geeks Only for now :) (Independence Day Special)!! said:

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  • Martin said:

    Hello, do you know when we can use the iPhone telephone function in germany? The iPhone Provider in Europe will be T-Mobile and Vodafone, right? bye

  • admin said:

    I heard that T-Mobile is gearing up for iPhone this November. 3G or not,we are not sure but it is due for release this year worldwide 🙂

  • Joachim said:

    I also heard that T-Mobile will get the iPhone contract in Germany. Which brings an interesting question, can an iPhone from T-Mobile Germany be used in the US with a US T-Mobile SIM? (Since it is the same company, I know it’s a long-shot).

  • admin said:

    Well,if thats the case – the iPhone would have been unlocked in the US — Anyways,its a win-win situation 🙂

  • dina said:

    The iphone can be unlocked now. You can use iphone unlock software to use your iphone as ipod or pad without signing up AT&T service.

  • iphoned said:

    The easiest way to unlock your iPhone, Download from here for free


  • admin said:

    Thank you Dina and iphoned for listing those tools 🙂

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