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Install Applications, Access File System on iPhone – Proof !!

11 July 2007 2 Comments

At a time when the entire world is abuzz about unlocking the iPhone for other carriers, the iPhone Hack-Team released a snapshot depicting that Application installation on the iPhone is very muchiPhoneApps.jpg possible way before Apple releases them!! They are yet to detail about the process involved in achieving it. Installing applications, setting our own ringtones and a lot more – VERY SOON!! A commercial app known as iPhoneDrive from Ecamm makes life simple for naive users to use their mighty 8/4 GB iPhone for storage purposes!!

See the picture on the extreme right for the Proof and the text below in their (hackers) own words!!



  • Robert Ram said:

    Dude, your site is for Windows Mobile, but all I see is iphone crap.

  • admin said:

    Well, I couldn’t resist after moving to the US!! Apple rocks, not all over the world unfortunately but it sure is giving M$ a run for their money!! I am a tech-enthusiast and I am not embarassed to change my favorite gadget from time to time – the best wins at the end,right??!! I wish I got apple-iphone domain :(!

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