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iPhone Unlocking – The Definitive Guide

27 August 2007 14 Comments

Photo_32.jpgUPDATE : Completely free, no frills iPhone Unlock procedure released to the world. Dump iPhoneSIMFree and visit http://iphone.unlock.no 🙂

The originators – iPhone Dev team failed to release the free unlock so far while many other hacks are being worked out. Only time will tell if iPhoneUnlocking.com team is staging a drama with all the Lawyer from Silicon Valley stuff but GeoHot, the teen who put the hardware unlocked iPhone on eBay has proved it, so did the engadget team with complete proof.

Different approaches for unlocking your iPhone :

1) TurboSIM

Well, I would definitely not invest in an $80 ~ $100 hack right now. More like sim cloning which might not be legal in all the countries. Check this guide for more info.


2) Hardware Unlock

This is by far the most technically complicated procedure and even though I am an Electronics engineer, I won’t dare to take apart the iPhone and go about soldering, its like asking too much from sooo costly a device!! Anyways try it if you are desperate cos’ a software unlock is not far away, neither is the worldwide release. Check the detailed pictorial description of the hardware unlock procedure. Know more from the dashing teen from NJ who created it.



3) Software Unlock

http://ilikemyiphone.com/wordpress/?p=115 Best,fastest and free unlock using Windows/Mac!!

iPhoneSimfree.com and iPhoneUnlocking.com,both have announced a software unlock but they fear the release will attract lotta legal attention from AT&T, and Apple benefits as always!! iPhoneUnlocking.com claimed the software unlock of the iPhone with solid proof.

Sources : Google, Engadget, Digg, Geohot, PQDVD and my brain!!


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  • francisco said:

    i did the unlocked, but know i just want to know there is a way to make the speaker louder(not in speaker mode) because my it’s not too loud????….if someone can help me with that!!! thanx anyway….

  • Jeffrey said:

    For all the hype of the iPhone , there is more hype of it being unlocked. Till today I have not set eyes on one, not one sngle unit that has been fully unlocked, and man I have been around. Software unlock ? All I hear is ” We will be releasing it in the next few days , 15 Days ago . F*** .

  • admin said:

    Francisco – I believe iPhone 1.0’s major issue is the ring volume – the best one could do is create high pitched ringtones and yeah, vibration alongwith helps too!!

    Jeffrey – Well, Apple have done a decent job in securing the unlock and making it difficult to hack it for different networks but cleverly exposed App development on the iPhone…..We might see an unlock solution soon but in the US, T-Mobile is not soooo good,aint’ it??!

  • kels said:

    What type of geeks r u to want to unlock it who cares?! its a stupid phone! the only reason i am here is cause i am doing a paper on hacking!!!

  • Tim said:

    Put down your phone and do something meaningful with your lives.

  • Marcus said:

    Can someone help me? I want to update the installer in my iPhone. But don't know how to do it. Can some kind soul here teach me?

  • admin said:

    Do you want to update or install the installer.app?

  • Marcus said:

    I actually wanted to update the the installer. But I got i done now. Caught a video at YouTube that teaches one how to go about doing it! Thanks!

  • tweet said:

    how do i check what software my new ipod is running on?

  • admin said:

    Settings – > General -> About -> Version

  • Marcus said:

    HI all you gurus out there. Can someone tell me how to edit the Contact List in iPhone? For example I have 2 or 3 repeated names and contact number of the same person and would like to delete it so that only 1 will remain in the contact list. I had tried to re-organize my Outlook and after re-organizing, I tried to resync the iPhone again but issue still persist, the same 2 or 3 names still appears in the iPhone’s contact list. Can someone help? Thanks!

  • admin said:

    Well, I will suggest trying to sort the contacts in Outlook, delete the repeated contacts and then export them to the desktop (.csv file or .awb). Now delete all your contacts from outlook and sync with the iPhone (replace the contacts with the computer : in this case it deletes all contacts from the iPhone since computer has no more contacts.). Now import the contacts back to Outlook and sync them 🙂

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