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Youtube on the iPhone for the (il)legal Masses!! NOOb’s guide :)

27 August 2007 25 Comments

Its been a while since I bought an iPhone for a very good deal and I never signed an AT&T contract, still continuing my old Cingular thingy!! Lot of progress on different hacks but activating Youtube on the iPhone ignited little or no interest till recently Hackintosh forums were all abuzz about the Youtube Patch for the illegal iPhone users 😉


It requires some determination cos’ it might sound simple but replacing the files on the iPhone might get a little cumbersome for total noobs (like me 😉 I worked on the hack using Mac OS X, Windows users may find this guide useful.


Update : I was toying with unlocking the iPhone using various procedures and found that YouTube can be enabled on the iPhone after performing a full restore and activating it using iNdependence followed by upgrading the firmware to v1.0.2. It is very important that you use the latest version of iNdependence 1.2.1a and make sure you point iNdependence to the latest firmwareiPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw(unzip it to Desktop). Youtube should definitely work out of the box without fiddling with all the plist files.


All we need to do is fake authentication by replacing three files namely : data_ark.plist, device_private_key.pem and device_public_key.pem from a legit iPhone to our not so legit iPhones 😉 You can download them here.


So,now how do we replace the 3 mystery files??!


1) Jailbreak the iPhone using iNdependence.



2) Install the SSH application on your iPhone using installer.app (if you are unaware of it – it is the perfect time to explore it. Check it out here.


3) Now install FUGU client for the wireless file transfer / replacing of the three files in debate.


4) Open FUGU with the following parameters :


IP Address : ( Make sure you are connected (iphone/mac) to your home wifi n/w.You can find the IP Address at Settings->General->WiFi->Network)


Username : root


Port : 22


Password : dottie (in case you still dint’ change it).


p.s : If you get a “Warning: Remote Host Identification has Changed” , click on Preferences->Known Host-> Delete all the IP Addresses shown there -> DONT’ FORGET to click on SAVE button at the end.


5) Navigate to var/root/library/lockdown/activation_records on the iPhone (in FUGU) and Copy the filename(13 digits).plist to the folder where you saved the 3 legit files.


6) Navigate to var/root/library/lockdown/pair_records on the iPhone (in FUGU) and Copy all three files to the folder where you saved the 3 legit files.


7) Now open the the data_ark.plist file you downloaded from rapidshare with textedit. Find the -DeviceCertificate and copy the code between the and fields and paste it in all the 3 plist files from the folder. Notice that there should be


  • osmarse said:

    There are 2 folders when unzipping.
    – theThreeFiles1 Folder
    – theThreeFiles2 Folder
    Both have the “3 files” inside.
    Which one should i use?

  • osmarse said:

    Well… i tryed both.
    Not working… still.

  • admin said:

    well, did you follow the steps exactly as described??? This method is not straight forward but it is the best hack.

    Let me know if you are using a mac or windows computer. We can go from there.believe me I had a tough time applying this hack. Hope u did the chrooting and restarting at the right times 🙂

  • Jonathan said:

    Could I use iNdependence to jailbreak and then also use the SSH client that comes with iNdependence?

  • osmarse said:

    Hi, thanks. Mac user from Chile, so excuse me some “wrong expressions” i may write in english. hope you understand.
    I changed one thing:
    Once Jailebroken, i used iFuntastic to replace files too, and once replaced, iFuntastic says “Restart Necessary” a couple of times (5 or 6).
    I don’t use Fugu, because i don’t know how to see iPhone from that app. I did it by ip. It asked me about user, pass, and i don’t know any of them.
    I installed Open SSH, from Installer.app, but i think it’s not necesary because i replaced files with ifuntastic.
    And about chrooting, excuse me, but i don’t know what it means. I’m not a pro terminal user.
    You can contactme by mail if you want, and i’ll try to explain anything you need.

  • osmarse said:

    And i fortgot to ask: What is the difference between that 2 folders that contains the 3 files?
    I tryed replacing with both sets.

  • Mario said:

    Dear Sirs

    Same problem in Argentina with OSX, I'd directly replace with Fugu the 3 files (we have two folder, compress) but nothing happend on restart.

    Thanks for any information.

  • ishtob said:

    I tried both files from a G4 mac, using Fugu. i done everything as this tutorial said and still canno connect to youtube

  • Nick said:

    Unfortunately no good news here either… Performed everything as instructed – and also tried then procedure described at ging.co.nz – and still same error message when trying to connect.

    My iPhone is jailbreaked, SSH enabled, and unlocked through iUnlock, running FW 1.0.2, using the swedish Telenor network, with working GPRS connection.

  • Eugene said:

    I have the same problem i did everything and it still does not work.

  • chad said:

    me, too. no success.

  • Scott Heninger said:

    Will the unlocked iphone still be able to install the updates that apple comes out with? Or will I have to re-unlock it every time an update comes out…like the new itunes store update?

  • admin said:

    Well, we have to re-unlock it everytime we update as that was the case with v1.0.1 and v1.0.2 not to mention Stevo quoting the ‘Cat and Mouse game b/w hackers and Apple…. But, since we invested a ransom in these phones, none can really press hard delimiting our use of this phone, not even Apple — We owe a lot to hackers than Apple!!

  • Michael said:

    When I look in the var/root/library/lockdown/activation_record folder, I see that there is no filename(13 digits).plist So what to do now?

  • admin said:

    Did you try the updated trick? To perform a restore and activate it – it won’t take more than 10~12 minutes. It is better than editing and replacing the plist files.

  • Kam said:

    Do I to activate the youtube feature before I unlock the iphone?

  • admin said:

    If you follow the UPDATED activation hack, YouTube is activated by default!

  • Gil said:

    yeah! It’s working here. make sure to use -DeviceCertificate on all files

  • mark said:

    worked for me, however i did not edit any of the filed i merely placed the files from folder to folder and it workd, the “key” is built into the correct files so no editing was ness as i thought and somehow it was right, not sure but it worked.

  • mojo said:


  • maurice said:

    tried the http://www.ging.co.nz/youtube.php link replaced the 3 files only. i DIDNT go near the activation_folder. i used CYBERDUCK to transfer the 3 files. (im using os x) Restarted my iphone

    IT WORKS! PERFECT i tried other tutorials but this is the only 1 that worked so far.

  • paul said:

    I don’t even have an activation_records folder.
    Is there a way to get this folder or any explanations to why that is so?
    I use iBrickr and run firmware 1.03 on my iPhone.

  • Marcus said:

    Hi All,

    The PC that I used to Sync my iPhone is now konk off. Can anyone teach me how to re-sync to another PC? thanks., thanks. thanks.

  • Rami said:

    I just wanted to thank you for the post. I got it to work but you have to do the instructions above not just for the main folder but the lockdown backup folder too. It works!

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