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Taking iPhone Screenshots – The Easy(iest) Way!

8 September 2007 6 Comments


UPDATE : With firmware 2.0, all you have to do to take a screenshot is hold the home button and the power button at the same time, you can find the screenshot placed under your Photos application.

Erica Sadun’s command line screenshot utility never really helped me (I still don’t know the exact command or where we have to type it – mac or the iphone!!). I was stunned to see the impressive quality of screenshots not to mention the way we take the screenshot of the iPhone though Youtube/iPod screenshots do not work yet, the Docks app is being updated pretty frequently which clearly shows the enthusiasm of iPhone App Developers. Well, if you still are wondering how one could go about taking a screenshot?? Then –

1) Installer.app file should be pushed to the iPhone. You can follow this guide.

2) Now, fire-up Installer application and make sure you install the Community Resources package.

3) Summer Board/Dock/ Erica’s Utilities – These are the key applications which make the iPhone much more fun. Check the pictures out to experince the iPhone in full App-Glory!!

(p.s: Erica’s Utilities are command line utilities but Dock application has a screenshot option if you watch closely.)

4) Fire up Dock by sliding your finger diagonally from the bottom right corner


  • krishnam raju said:

    yo man…..gud application

  • miramar said:

    very good but where can i find the screenshots?

  • MOFO said:


  • kiran said:

    MOFO : The screenshots can be found in your Photo gallery.

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