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iPhone 0xE8000023 iTunes error – Work Around

18 September 2007 2 Comments

6_20_07_iphone_dock_1.jpg0xE8000023 error really did trouble me.It is the error message which iTunes report of while trying to sync your phone. At one point I convinced myself that I bricked my device but somewhere in my mind, I had a feeling that I could overcome it. After hours of restarting my phone and trying to sync the iPhone with iTunes with the sync cable, I thought going to an Apple store will be my last resort. Then I came home, tried one last time with the dock this time and Voilaaaa, it worked!! So, the workaround is syncing the iPhone with the bundled iPhone Dock!!


  • Callabuddy said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been messing around with my Mac and iPhone for 3 days now. I also thought I bricked my phone. But using the dock solved my problem! Everything’s up to date and synced. I’m using the dock from now on!

  • Will said:

    I am having the same problem but with my iPod Touch. I’m a little slow with my new computer. What do you mean by using the dock.

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