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Efficient uses of $100 Apple Store Credit

19 September 2007 One Comment

Well, after going through a lot of posts/comments – some people believe that they are not eligible for theappleStoreCredit.jpg store credit cos’ they are using T-Mobile or something else but how about this – borrow a Cingular sim or better yet buy a Cingular Prepaid card for some $10 and then pop the sim in and use the regular unlock procedures. Then hit this link and claim your $100 credit. It is not required that you sign a 2 year contract to get the job done. People residing overseas might have to wait till hackers figure out a way to emulate the serial number of the device in US and then get the store credit 🙂

A list of possible (D)STEALS with this offer :

1) If you are a student (or a parent!) then you can take advantage of the 10~15% discount of the product and then apply the store credit!

2) Mac OS X Leopard Family Pack – Single Residence, 5 User licence ($199 – $100 – Possible Student Discount!!) or a Single User licence for $129 – $100 – Student Discount (~$13-$20) which entitles you to a copy of Leopard for $15!!

3) iPhone Video Out cable to make it a complete media device (rumored that iPhone Video Out support is indefinitely not supported 🙁

4) Bluetooth Headset,Mac Mini, …. Post your comments and let us all (early iPhone adopters) ensure Maximum Apple Fun!!

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  • krishnam raju said:

    the other best way to use your store card is sell it online for 90 $ cash…………….how about this?

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