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Apple Feedback – An Open Letter

26 September 2007 2 Comments


Please voice your opinions against Apple forcing


  • Wahoo said:

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Goloreinet said:

    I believe It's likely that a 3G iPod Touch will be unleased this year. However, I think that growth for apple has fallen behind especially since the founder Steve Jobs has developed pancreatic cancer. Therefore the 3G iPod Touch, in my opinion, would be a drop in the bucket compared to what I think should be done for the future of apple. First off, I think apple should come out with Virtual Reality for iPod Touch & iPhone fans.
    Secondly, I think there should be a touch free Voice & Thought Activation app. (touch screen optional) to navigate your multimedia player in order to prevent your fingerprints from contaminating the screen & for added convenience. Additionally, I think there should be an app that enhances your movies watching experience from a 2D to a 3D Hologram that increases in size to fit eachs individuals preference so fans won't have to be limited to watching their favorite movies in 2 Dimension on a small screen. Furthermore, I think there should be a tracking system in case anyone misplaces their iPod Touch or iPhone and much more! The possibilities are endless! Just my thoughts. I look forward to your comments. Till then, be well.

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