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Upgrade iPhone Firmware from 1.0 and 1.0.1 to 1.0.2

30 September 2007 4 Comments

After the release of much awaited(?) 1.1.1 firmware for theIMG_0023.JPGIMG_0026.JPG iPhone, iTunes was pushing 1.1.1 update for iPhones bought till the last week. We all know that firmware 1.1.1 is the worst update so far despite minor enhancements. The question now is how do you upgrade to 1.0.2 from 1.0 & 1.0.1?? While I tried the Apache server and iTunes 7.4.1 trick, it dint’ deliver goods (I was offline when I tried it). I tried it on a Mac though. So,why upgrade to 1.0.2 from 1.0/1.0.1 while you can use the installer.app just fine on any firmware other than 1.1.1 to date? Stability reasons. 1.0 and 1.0.1 equipped iPhones constantly froze while using non-Apple applications – The only solution being holding the Home button and Power button till the iPhone reboots. Anyways, to upgrade to 1.0.2, first download 1.0.2 firmware and launch iTunes 7.4.1. Click on restore button (clicking on update button dint’ work) while holding the ‘alt’ button (mac) and then point to the .ipsw you downloaded earlier (dont’ rename it to .zip this time 😉 and sit back and enjoy while the iPhone is upgraded to a 3rd party apps-friendly 1.0.2 🙂


  • Sid said:

    Does anyone know if the iPhones available in the stores now have 1.1.1 or still the older 1.0 firmware?

  • admin said:

    Unfortunately 1.1.1 and thats not good news until the next hack is out 🙁 Great demand for older iPhones now 🙂

  • Sid said:

    Yeah and the dev team has gone awfully quite which makes the near future very bleak…

  • Brandon said:

    Will this work with iTunes 7.4.2 or do I have to downgrade?
    I just got a new iPhone that was bought on luanch week, so I want to upgrade to 1.0.2 but no further than that.

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