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iPhones Suffering from Negative Black Screen issue

8 October 2007 3 Comments

Picture_4.pngMore about this phenomenon from iPhoneAtlas. I read from MacRumors that most of the 7R7 and 7S7 batch iPhones suffer from this problem. 1.1.1 update really dint’ help iPhones from this issue unlike iPod Touch. For now, the best way to test your iPhones for dead pixels or negative black screen issue is by visiting this wonderful site (http://appleservedup.com/).Here is the famous Jay Z album cover test snapshot. Visit the site to test your iPhone screens and return them if you find them faulty – You deserve the best iPhone for this big a sum 🙂


  • Marcus said:

    Does anyone knows how to access the Contact List in iPhone? I have beenm trying to access the Contact List to delete all the repeated names but I just don’t seems to be able to get in. I had update the contact list in my Outlook and resync the new Contact list but the repetative names still appears.

  • admin said:

    I will suggest you to take a back up of your contacts from Outlook by exporting them as .csv file and then delete all the contacts on your computer. Now sync them to iPhone, so now you see 0 contacts. Now you can import the contacts to Outlook from .csv and voila – contacts issue solved!!

  • Gemma said:

    Very useful information. I think it is useful for many people. Thank you for your blogs.

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