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iPhone 1.1.1 Free Unlock Released

11 October 2007 One Comment

Watch this space out! This time, it is from the hackers themselves – iPhone Dev team is about to release a fully functional free unlock for the mighty firmware 1.1.1 It took some time but hey, it is a stable OS and they are able to do it in style – security thrashed and everything decrypted. An automated tool for the average Joe is also in the making. Stay tuned!! Picture 4_1.png

Finally, anySIM 1.1 is released but works only with those iPhones which were never unlocked (untampered baseband). If you haveused iUnlock or anySIM 1.0, refrain from trying this. iPhone Devs are working on re-virgining the iPhone to its factory condition which helps in claiming warranty, unlocking and a lot more.

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