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Britney Spears Blackout Album – Almost Free on iPhone!

1 November 2007 No Comment

Britney’s latest album is not so boring this time around. I really liked the previews and wanted to buy the album. So how do you get the entire album including a video and a digital album for almost negligible amount?Briteny_iPhone.JPG

1) Sign up or login to Facebook.com

2) Search for Ticketmaster live on the left side search box.

3) Join the group and redeem the 5 free songs coupon.

4) Download each individual song either on your iPhone iTunes or your mac/pc.

5) Now, how do you get the entire album? Create a new email ID (Gmail works the best).

6) Login to Facebook.com using your new Gmail ID.

7) Repeat from Step 2.

8) You cannot redeem for a video song though. Hence redeem individual songs till you are almost done with most of the songs. Then you can click on ‘Complete My Album’ on iTunes Store (make sure the complete my album shows atleast a dollar or else they won’t offerPicture_1.png you to complete the rest of the songs).

9) There you go. You can have the complete album for the cheapest price possible legally! You can use the trick for almost any album but hurry up, Ticket Master live won’t offer 5 free songs forever!! The offer expires Nov 10th,’07.

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