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iPhone Component AV Cable MB128LL/A – Review

4 November 2007 8 Comments

A very small review of iPhone Component cable. Firstly, I got it shipped in less than 1.5 days from China (probably bcos’ of time differences!). I ordered Mighty Mouse at the same time and I recieved after 4 days from California!!

Picture 3_2.pngMy first complaint with the AV Cable – The smooth end points (plugs). They suck. I had a tough time unplugging them. Just imagine if you have to remove and insert all 5 cables (3 Video, 2 Audio). Yeah, they showed the same smooth plugs in ads but I never thought they would be so smooth that I cannot remove them easily. It wasted more than 15 minutes time to test on my TV (Polaroid).

My second complaint – I managed to get a Black and White video ouput with audio – I know it sucks too. I tried other ports at the rear and I had to give up cos’ it was taking too long to plug/unplug the cables. All my excitement hit a bump and closed the packaging an threw them in a corner.

Verdict – I sincerely suggest to wait before investing in this $49 Component AV Cable. I am sure a third party cheaper cable is in the making. I didn’t test it with an HD TV yet. If you still want it, buy this brand new cable from me for $35!! I am from NJ,close to NYC.Picture 2_1.pngPicture_5.png

(I chose Component cable after reading so many reviews online btb.)


  • Noel said:

    Hi, this is apple original cables in perfect cosmetical and funtional condition? you include everitng that comes in the original package? please let me know.


  • admin said:

    Yep, original,Apple receipt and I have used to jus test it!! Lemme know!

  • Steve said:

    Have you tried it on a HDTV as of yet? Do you still have it for sale?

  • admin said:

    @ Steve : Hi.. I still have it but I never use it cos’ I am a student and I don’t have a heavy media setup here.. It reportedly works great with HD TV.. It worked fine on my normal TV. Do you want it?

  • odwels said:

    Do you still have it? How would you like to be paid?

  • kiran said:

    Yeah, I am planning to sell it on eBay, I have no use for it! Never used it either!

  • odwels said:

    I’d like to buy it, can you contact me on my email?

  • CurlyMan said:

    Hey!I want to buy it!Please write me on a4kataaa@abv.bg … im wating for your e-mail.Take care!

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