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Note to Apple – Buy installer.app for $1m, make iPhone Usable!

5 November 2007 One Comment

A proof of concept showing how Apple iPhone can lead the bunch :iPhone.JPG

Apple buys installer.app for $1 million, we all donate a dollar each to cough up a million dollars to make the deal 😉 (Installer.app team shares the revenue with other iPhone native-app developers).

Come on, Apple created the best phone ever – alright but could Apple have at least imagined that an app like installer.app can be used to push applications on to the iPhone Linux style? Apple is learning already, how would they ever know about a TIFF exploit without hackers capitalizing to make this device much better?

Seriously, what good is an iPhone without all the cool applications? How many days would you see the black screen with static icons sitting there without much to give? My friend who signed a 2 year contract for this phone had to wait long long time to install apps fearing the legalities while I activated my Cingular SIM without a contract! Seems like all the not so official iPhone owners are having all the fun!!

Apple, please step down, hire the programmers behind installer.app and the application set and make this beautiful gadget much more productive. Yep, you are releasing an SDK in February but why should I use iTunes to buy your applications for way more than $4.99? We want to download applications on the go and hey, we are ready to pay 99 cents for each app if you please! Though crippled due to the lack of 3G, why don’t you give us a chance to enjoy our multi hundred dollar gadget without voiding warranty? Did AT&T subsidize for our iPhone? No, then what is this warranty voiding stuff all about? We are not tampering with the hardware for godsake, we are just adding to the already rich UI making it even richer.

Anyways, I see bulk of the iPhone native app developers being hired by Apple sooner or later. Let us hope Apple acts efficiently and not commercially with the Application support. Thank you for reading and echo your comments!

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  • Leroy said:

    Wow, you are way behind. It has been all over the news for weeks that Apple officially stated that they will release a developer kit in February (a mere three months away). The are opening up the iPhone. Detail are scarce, but Apple will probably use iTunes for distributing and installing the apps, much the way that iPod games work now. Installer.app may become more of a hacker tool and not something that most people would ever use. After all, why use a 3rd party app when Apple will give me a solution that works with Apple ease and reliability and isn’t going to break after an update.

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