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Import contacts from your SIM to iPhone (finally!!)

28 November 2007 165 Comments

Update : Starting iPhone firmware 2.0, Apple solved the SIM import issue by neatly integrating into the iPhone officially! Look for the option under Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Import SIM Contacts

Apple did a terrible job with SIM contacts – why wasn’t it not implemented when an independent developer can release that for free! Anyways, Apple did a great job with iPhone sans installer. Till SIMport was released, the only option we had to import SIM contacts were to either use an other phone – > Upload contacts Yahoo! Go/GooSync Contacts and so on… all of them needed another phone to do so but not anymore. You can now import SIM contacts to your iPhone just like that!! Insert the new sim in your iPhone, activate it using iNDependence/iBrickr/iDemocracy in case it reports for a foreign SIM!

How do we install it??
Launch installer.app and look for iFon International packages. If it is not found, go to sources(top right) -> add source -> install.ifon.no and save!! Now you should be able to install SIMport. You are all set now 🙂


Update : A new shinier looking app (iSIM) for doing pretty much like SIMport was released recently. Though GUI and automation is good in this app – steer away from it unless you have some bucks to spare! It ain’t free. SIMport is the way to go!!


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