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iPhone Gains Video Support – Start Shooting Baby!!

14 December 2007 3 Comments

The much awaited, much anticipated feature for the iPhone is here – yeah, the Video support!! I wonder why Apple didn’t think of it before! The proof of concept app works great. No sound/save functions implemented but hell ya – Video works and video app final is getting prepped!! So,finally the rumor about iPhone Video support this Christmas came true though from a 3rd part dev rather than Apple themselves!! Read what the author has to say in the following picture.

iPhone Video SupportiPhoneVideoSupport.png

For those figuring out a way to install :

Download the app here (registration required).Unzip the file and you see Drunkenbass.app file. Launch FUGU and copy the file to the Root directory in Applications folder, i.e : “/Applications/”.

UPDATE : The final app will be released on Jan 15, 08!! A delayed New Years gift probably!!


  • raju said:

    looks like the video files can’t be saved yet?????

    But wonderful app to have

  • catism said:

    Does anybody know how can I watch my ip camera thru my iphone?
    I have linksys wireless ip cam but i cannot watch it with safari from my ip adress.
    Thanks for help

  • admin said:

    @ Catism : I am sorry, I am unaware of such a service. Sounds lil’ complicated but it ain’t impossible — that too with the SDK release soon 🙂

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