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iPhone Voice Recognition Released (Listen) – Not Stable Yet

9 January 2008 No Comment

Voice Recognition came by as a surprise – seriously, just imagine sampling a song and sending the sample for an artist check – everything sounds pretty complicated and thats where Erica rocks! She has some great apps under her belt and this will be a gem 🙂 Just imagine the hoard of possibilities once this application goes stable! We can search for an artist by hitting a button and speaking the ‘Artist’s Name’ and instantly play a tune/album! Call a buddy by their name rather than scrolling through the sexy scrollable contact list!! Long way to go.

This app of hers – ‘Listen‘ is pretty buggy at this stage. Though it is available in installer.app, I recommend not to install it cos’ it might freak you out with reboots/restores!! If it freezes, just hit the Home button for sometime till it goes back to the homescreen and release it. If that doesn’t work, hold both power and home buttons just till the apple logo pops and release. Don’t hold them forever which might send you to restore mode and it is a pain, believe me 🙂

Watch the video of iPhone ‘Listen’ing.

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