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iPhone Unlimited Video Recording – ShowTime (Pre Release)

11 January 2008 45 Comments

UPDATE : Download link http://rapidshare.com/files/93047692/ShowTimeLeakedApp.zip
FTP it to your iPhone using FUGU or some other FTP program. Windows users an use iBrickr to install this app on 1.1.3 iPhones!!
On 1.1.3 iPhones, the videos are stored at /var/mobile/Media/PBF
If you delete recorded videos using Finder.app, you need to delete from the trash (recycle bin) too. ( /var/root/Library/MobileFinder/Trash or click on Apple icon in Finder.app )

Good to see the much awaited feature on the iPhone – ‘Video recording capability’ fulfilled by Drunkenbass. Unfortunately one of his team members(polar bear farm) reportedly stole the code and released an application which is not even close to a beta! Anyways, Drunkenbass is going to release the application with much better quality very soon.

Enjoy this application for now which supports saving of the video though in an alien format. The application is now available in installer.app under ‘Multimedia -> ShowTime(unlimited)’. The recorded videos occupy a lot of space for now which should be sorted out very soon. The video in my demonstration occupied a whopping 92 MB!! You can access the videos only from the application for now and you can delete the recorded video from Finder application on your iPhone at ~Media/Stolen/

Watch the video demonstration on Youtube. Live embedding of the video is messing up my wordpress theme. Other options are being investigated 🙂


  • Chaching said:

    does this work on iPhone firmware 1.1.1?

  • kiran said:

    Yep, it works!

  • Chaching said:

    I downloaded the thing but when I install it using ibrickr it doesn’t show up in my iphone and it doesn’t show up in the list in ibrickr. Should I save it as all files because last time I saved it as compressed zip folder?

  • Chaching said:

    I try to download it on my iPhone but it doesn’t show up.

  • Art said:

    Hi guys i SShed the app in to my phone then i made a app in /var/mobile/Media/ i named it PBF but when i record the video it wount save and i have iBrickr installed when i try to add the app it wount find it can some on help.

  • ikitten said:

    i have a couple versions of showtime. the problem is since jb with liberty+ it no longer
    creates a folder nor will it save the .mov and I have tried everything I had to restore 5 or 6 times last week . I’m over it!!! but I’ll send it to u if u really want it

  • SAM said:

    after when i downloaded the zip file, it shows two folders. One is called Showtime and the other BSD_Base-2.0.tar.
    I was successful to install the showtime.app on my iphone (in application folder) using winscp but I dont know where to install the BSD_Base-2.0 folder.
    Please how to do this

  • HoJo said:

    does the leaked version work on 1.1.4 ?

  • HorneyBOY said:

    i don’t think it works on 1.1.4

  • ihack said:

    The app works on ver 1.1.4 but i cant get it to record past 5secs

  • Chaching said:

    When i download it using iBrickr it doesn’t how up in my iPhone

  • YASHAR said:


    add source http://apps.iplnone.com

    so install Show Time 1.1.4

    send comment for serial number.


  • Shadowrock said:

    thx YASHAR! hard to find. it nice apps in ur web

  • Bearbear1982 said:

    Hello Yashar, can you pls send me the serial ? Thanks in advance..

  • shawv said:

    how do you access & delete recorded videos?

  • killerken said:

    please supply serial, much appreciated

  • michael said:

    hey did anyone get the serial number??? Help please

  • kiran said:

    Sorry guys, he never responded to my comment! Better ignore his site!!

  • Francis Bagnes said:

    hi there!

    does any one here knows how to get/extract recorded videos from an iPhone?

    i have tons of recorded videos, using the Showtime’s Polar Bear Farm and already purchased a valid license.

    Is there a way to fetch all the recorded videos from an iPhone, or transfer all of them to my Mac, for instance?

  • blog said:

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    my website something like that. Can I execute a piece of your post to
    my blog?

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