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Macbook Air Fails to Impress Masses – Too many Compromises!

16 January 2008 No Comment

There is/was something in the air and yeah only for that brief moment! Steve Jobs was pretty excited and he thought the world is excited and yeah – we all are for that ultra thin MacBook but hey, lets get out of the air thingy and analyze the spectacularly engineered MBA. Too thin a manila envelope can conceal it! Hey, do we really have to compromise for such an anorexic MacBook which lacks Optical Drive/User Replaceable Hard Drive/Battery/RAM? 5 day wait for replacing a battery? Such are the hard facts hiding behind this beauty!!

80 GB hard drive, you kidding me?? Did we ask for such a thin MacBook? Seriously, cant’ we do even more on a MacBook pro for the same price and better configuration? Yeah Multi Touch Gestures sound great alright but why don’t you implement them in MacBooks and MacBook Pros thereby delivering a pleasurable experience! It won’t be surprising to see some major upgrades in MBAs very soon. Steve Jobs is listening all the time as always and I am sure the current line of Notebook Macs are being revamped. Just think twice before jumping on the Ultra thin bandwagon and be content with your current Macs till we see a REAL reason to upgrade! Unfortunately there were no surprises this MacWorld ’08, atleast not like ’07 cos’ iPhone stole the show!! It hurts to see people whining (including me!) about the latest in Mac’s offerings. But, you never know, Apple might drop a beauty very soon into Mac Geek’s arms!


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