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Macheist II offers more Apps (16) for same price $49 or Lower!!

17 January 2008 No Comment

Applications from Macheist are piling up as the end of this year’s AppHeist approaches. 2 more applications are added today – namely ‘Wingnuts 2’ and ‘Tiki magic mini golf’ both being 3D games and otherwise cost $90. What have you got to lose, we get them for the same price and the bundle now has an actual price of $428.65 which is available for $49 or even lower if you took part in chasing the heist earlier! Click here to enter Macheist 🙂


Now about a better app that was included recently – LaunchBar which is touted to be better than QuickSilver is highly recommended : better yet it is free though it is not inlcluded in the bundle. Hence to even get LaunchBar and another app which will be announced soon for free, you have to refer someone, so why not refer yourself and bag this deal making it 14 apps for $49!! It never gets better and moreover you are contributing for charity 🙂

Edit : A new app VectorDesigner has been added to the bundle and will be unlocked when $300,000 are raised for charity. The bundle is now valued at $498.60 !!


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