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American (ATT) iPhone gone German (T-Mobile)!!

24 January 2008 One Comment

Amidst all this heated 1.1.3 firmware discussion, my utterly cautious friend Felipe who survived with 1.0.2 firmware ever since he bought it here at the United States had a panic attack when the iPhone stopped keeping track of the SIM in his unlocked iPhone when he reached Germany!! It was not reporting any SIM errors, not even incorrect SIM nor no SIM or the like. Then we had to some virginizing, restore and unlock of the iPhone. He got a Mac so it made things easier for a remote tech (me)!!

So what is this American iPhone being German you might think : well, he restored the iPhone to 1.0.2 and then iTunes popped up asking him to register the iPhone in Germany! I have heard that iPhones bought in the US have a different MSICs (some codes!) and they won’t take German SIMs but what happened today is something different. What if I proceed and signup a contract with T-Mobile instead!! So AT&T sold the iPhone and T-Mobile registers it 😉 Check the image below!


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  • Ryan said:

    Is this really true? Did it work? I am in Austria, and have an American iPhone. Once it comes here on T-Mobile (tomorrow!), it would be great to be able to take the official route!

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