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iPhysics for iPhone (No Flickering) : Let the gaming begin!

27 January 2008 4 Comments

iPhysics Gaming engine is updated with a flicker free version. That makes it a very good platform for gaming! Make sure you turn the compatibility mode ‘On’ under ‘options’ in iPhysics to ensure smooth play 🙂 iPinball is my favorite game in iPhysics. It is a flawless port to the iPhone and I have managed around 50,000 in iPinball. Challenge me with your best score! Background sound may be irritating at times, sound effets are good though. You find the settings under ‘Options’ in iPhysics.
I have used a jailbroken 1.1.3 iPhone for this video. Please ignore the quality of the video, my intention was to show the flicker-free version of the update. Directly uploaded the video on Youtube, hence the quality.


  • Syntheon said:

    Iphysics is a wunderful game! I have a jailbroken ipod 1.1.3 and I tried to add some levels to my Ipysics. Installer download these levels but I can’t find them in my Iphysics-library. Do you know what I can do?

  • Knight said:

    I have the same problem. Is it normal?

  • kiran said:

    @ Knight & Syntheon : I had a similar issue with 1.1.3. It got something to do with 1.1.3 application storage system. iPhysics should be released for 1.1.3 with the changes soon probably…

  • charlyc said:

    Just go to root/Media/Iphysics and change privileges to 777 include subdirectories or you can add http://repo.tiny-code.com to your sources and install the Iphysics fix for 1.1.3.

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