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Macheist II – Only One Bundle left for $33

28 January 2008 2 Comments

We tried saving some money, bought multiple copies but couldn’t find a Mac friend. We are both students ( CS Major). We are offering the last bundle for $98/3 ~ $33 . We prefer students with an .edu email ID. We might give it to an outsider if the students out there didn’t jump on time!

An alternative would be : $5 per App, yeah any app of your choice(Minimum 3). (paypal preferred). Not that we are desperate for money, just that we don’t have any use for this extra bundle and we cant afford to give it away. You can even come up with ideas for pricing on certain apps and buy them individually such that we can then give away the rest of the apps.


Update : Bundle Sold! Individual apps may be requested. I use only 2 apps from the bundle. Rest all are up for grabs!!


  • Vinod said:

    Do you have the ‘NoteBook’ App for sale?
    Please mail me.

  • kiran said:

    Bundle sold!! Ask me for individual apps if interested!

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