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1.1.3 ‘Main Script Execution Failed’ Solution, SummerBoard, Wallpapers

1 February 2008 No Comment

iPhone_113_Wallpaper.JPGinstaller.app pushed a new update today and Boss’ beta repository had a SummerBoard 1.1.3 fix file which I installed. Make sure you click on ‘Sources’ and ‘Refresh’ for the updates to appear. Then I tried installing SummerBoard 3.1-1 and got the ‘Main Script Execution Failed’ error though I see a SMB icon on the homescreen. Interestingly enough, I see a background wallpaper too!! When I launched SMB, I see no themes listed and then I tried installing some themes from installer.app which gave me the same script execution error. I tried installing some other application at this point and I still got the same error. It frustrated to the point of making me downgrade to 1.1.2 but I gave Google a try and found the error all over the internet!
1) I first uninstalled BossTool to make sure no conflicts occur.
2) I tried ModMyiPhone’s solution from Sigma4Life. Complete commands in the terminal window.

Follow the commands as shown. When prompted for the password, type in ‘alpine’.
Make sure all the applications work before trying the ‘rm’ command (last 2 commands). It deletes all the applications from the old directory.


3) I proceeded towards installing SummerBoard and I got the same error again. I see an update in the works, hence didn’t bother installing SummerBoard or themes but one thing is for sure, iPhone 1.1.3 can now do wallpapers with ease 🙂
4) If you still get the script error when ever you try installing any other application, try restarting your iPhone and it should work just fine from now on! Just that don’t try installing SummerBoard or you might have to restart your iPhone again to get away from the error!

Now that iPhone 1.1.3 can show wallpapers, try some cool wallpapers and get away from the default black screen!!

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