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1.1.2, 1.1.3 OTB iPhone Perfect Software Unlock Achieved by GeoHot

8 February 2008 20 Comments

UPDATE : No more tweaking with sec packs and command line hackery! A sit-back-relax- and-let-it-do-its-magic guide is released 🙂 It is so easy a 6th grader can do it!! Unlock iPhone 16GB /1.1.3 OTB/ 1.1.2 OTB 🙂

What took iPhone Devs months took GeoHot hours to find a true Unlock! It is not based on JerrySim baseband downgrade method but a lot more straightforward!! GeoHot hints that this can be applied to 1.1.3 OTB iPhones too, so hold your breath! Come Sunday and everyone can flash their iPhones with non-Cingular signals! Thats good news to iPhones all over the world. I am yet to verify this unlock method but hey, it is GeoHot who found it, the father of iPhone Hacking 🙂 Please donate to GeoHot for his fantabulous work that worked to benefit the whole of iPhone Community 🙂 It is a matter of time before the complete guide sees the light of day! iPhone Devs : We are disappointed 🙁 Join hands with the best in talent and contribute for a cause 🙂

UPDATED for 1.1.3 OTB : Link for the file (GeoHot’s Software Unlock : Rapidshare Mirror)

Geohot’s 1.1.2 software unlock

-First of all download this:
gunlock and the secpack from http://iphonejtag.blogspot.com/ or the blog and the 4.02.13 fls from http://george.zjlotto.com/index.php/baseband/
-Second downgrade your iphone to 1.0.2 (for this you need your iphone to be in DFU Mode, On Mac do this with Independece)
-Jailbreak and Activate 1.0.2 (On Mac do this with Independece)
-Install the Installer.app into your iphone
-Install Open SSH into your iphone (On Mac do this with Independece)
-Upload the all the files you downloaded from GeoHot blog and the .fls to the usr/bin folder of your iphone
-Log to your phone trough terminal and follow this commands one by one:
– launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist
– cd /usr/bin
-./gunlock secpack ICE04.02.13_G.fls
-launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist


If you want to contribute to me, the person who discovered these exploits and wrote this tool

paypal geohot@gmail.com

Source : GeoHot’s Blog and Hackint0sh

I have school tomorrow. More updates later (on 16gb iPhone 113 OOB. 4.6 BL!!).

Follow http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=28451&page=3 or IRC (#iphone). Lot of activity, 5AM!! See ya folks!


  • amart55886 said:

    good job man hopefully i get this right can you help me just in case?

  • amart55886 said:

    is it ok if i just call you and you guide me through phone instead of typing here. it would be much faster….. pleeeeaaasseee?????

    thanks man…. looking forward to your response..

  • kiran said:

    Hey!! It will be great if you wait till morning cos’ I am drowsy and yet to completely test it myself. Im posting other’s work for now.

  • kiran said:

    HuLk: this is the quote:
    [04:38am] HuLk: 1. Open Instller on your jailbroken 1.1.2 OTB and install OpenSSH and Term-vt100 (under System)
    [04:38am] HuLk: 2. Connect via WiFi to your iPhone using WinSCP
    [04:38am] HuLk: 3. Copy all the files (gunlock, ICE04.02.13_G.fls and secpac) to /usr/bin
    [04:38am] HuLk: 4. Set permissions of gunlock to 755 in WinSCP
    [04:38am] HuLk: 5. Put iPhone in Airplane mode (IMPORTANT!)
    [04:38am] HuLk: 6. Execute the following commands in Terminal:
    [04:38am] HuLk: launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist
    [04:38am] HuLk: gunlock secpack ICE04.02.13_G.fls
    [04:38am] sabotaged: donation complete!
    [04:38am] HuLk: launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist
    [04:38am] HuLk: 7. Restart iPhone and throw your ***sim out of the window
    [04:39am] maaz: lmao
    [04:39am] lok: u gues think the gunlock will survive after a 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 update via itunes?
    [04:39am] maaz: sabotaged’s line in the middle is rofl
    [04:39am] Orion joined the chat room.

  • cooljpns said:

    I have wrongly upgraded to 1.1.3 and the phone is totally lock. I tried downgrading method but still cant solve. Can anyone help me

  • amart55886 said:


    hey bro, I tried downgrading to 1.0.2 but when i SHIFT+RESTORE and install 1.0.2 restore file it says it cannot install. Thats ok but my concern is this, I am stuck on 1.1.1 how do I get back up to 1.1.2 because I already installed Oktoprep on 1.1.1 iphone then downloaded the firmware file for 1.1.2 restore by using the SHIFT+RESTORE technique and I get the wire connect to itunes with EMERGENCY CALL ONLY in about 3 languages, yeah i know btw that that is ok I was following your tutorial for jailbreak 1.1.2, then I ran jailbreak.jar and I clicked the box INSTALL SSH then clicked on JAILBREAK! Now, when I click that, I get an error message saying this:


    What am I doing wrong now, I followed your tutorial just right.

    The only exception I did is instead of clicking UPDATE like you said, I did SHIFT+RESTORE with ipsw file for restoring it to 1.1.2, should i click update anyway or should i just click RESTORE as is with no shift? I need help please…

    Thanx a bunch ADMIN.!

  • ahmad said:

    use shift+update after u install oktoprep then you should be able to jailbreak 1.1.2

  • amart55886 said:

    shift update or shift restore

  • amart55886 said:

    NEVERMIND I GOT IT!!!! I got my iphone unlocked………finally i used to installer method easy…..just add source:


    then under install tab click on UNLOCKING TOOLS and then READ MORE INFO for instructions……quite easy………….

    THANKS A MILLION GEORGE HOTZ *Hats off to you…

  • kiran said:

    http://ilikemyiphone.com/wordpress/?p=161 For the Noob’s tutorial guys 🙂

  • » 1.1.3 OTB, 1.1.2 iPhone Unlock From GeoHot - PMP Today said:

    […] [via windows-mobile] […]

  • Anirudh said:

    hey. i tried this whole method nd i reached the point where it says
    ‘waiting for erase to finish’
    and then it got stuck and my phone reloaded and now nothing will work
    the Wifi nor the bluetooth and even the term-vt100 it says resource busy all the time
    someone please help me out. is there a way to reverse this whole thing. can i make iphone back to normal..

  • kiran said:

    @ Anirudh : You should have followed the latest updated guide here http://ilikemyiphone.com/wordpress/?p=161 🙁 May I know your iPhone details (Firmware/BootLoader). When you say stuck , do you mean it stopped responding?? You must have left it to do its work cos’ it might take some time. Anyways, does iTunes recognize the iPhone?? If yes, update it to 1.1.3 via iTunes and then proceed with the steps in the new link 🙂

  • Anirudh said:

    the thing is that i got a new iphone 1.1.2 OTB and then i jailbroke it and activated it back to iphone 1.1.2 BL 4.6
    now i tried to unlock it through this procedure given here and it got stuck as in . there is no WiFi anymore on my phone and it says it cant make any calls or recieve any and go to iphone support.
    however, Itunes does recognize my phone as 1.1.2 only but does not go to the recovery mode as it asks me to restore it and update it to 1.1.3
    should i upgrade it to 1.1.3. from itunes. wont it spoil it for me and then i will have to wait until 1.1.4 is that true

  • Anirudh said:

    i know what you are saying
    my firmware is 1.1.2 and BL 4.6
    i had jailbroken it already and activated it back as 1.1.2 BL 4.6
    but again i tried to unlock it with this procedure given above and then after the whole thing got over. it just reloaded my iphone and now there is no WiFi on my iphone at all. so i cant do anything. itunes does recognize my iphone and asks me to restore and update to 1.1.3.
    can you help me out in moredetail please

  • James said:

    Quick question:

    I'm not new to all this, but one thing is stumping me.

    I had a 1.1.2 OTB. I now have a jailbroken, soft upgrade 1.1.3, 4.02.13_G modem firmware, and using a turbosim. Everything works fine.

    I hear that the baseband is downgraded in this unlock. And I also hear that if you upgrade the firmware with itunes it automatically upgrades the baseband which will/may (?) "re-lock" the (unlocked) phone. I like the idea of having a "freed" phone and be able to upgrade via itunes whenever a new firmware is released. But, I don't think that's what this unlock provides.

    Is there a reason for me to unlock? Are there any advantages to unlocking vs. what I have already done?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • R.K said:

    i followed the instruction on my iphone and it work’s.my iphone is unlocked thank’s geo.
    i did donate for you.
    i am not a code man but i followed instruction from iphone.unlock.no

  • Jack said:


    if i buy an iphone at the apple store and i bring it back oversease can i still unlock it??

  • kiran said:

    @ Anirudh : I am sorry, I missed your comment. You might have resolved the issue by now. Will be more attentive from now on 🙂

    @ R.K : Good for u 😉

    @ James : Yep, the best advantage is no more mess ups with the firmware, let iTunes do its work and we will do the rst using ZiPhoneGUI and iJailbreak!!

    @ Jack : Yep, you can still unlock it!! Use iJailbreak/ZiPhoneGUI..

  • unlock said:

    Hi friends,
    if you want unlock iphone, all version, 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 OTB, today you can for 19 euros!! Go on http://www.fastunlockiphone.com

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