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Touch Pad Pro – Control your computer from an iPhone!

4 March 2008 One Comment

TouchPad Pro by Jehanzeb Sherwani has been updated to version 2.1 and improved significantly and many gesture have been added with a new remote feature. Gestures include double finger scroll, double finger tap for right click, Pinch for zooming in and out, etc. A proper landscape mode has also been added. The sensitivity has been improved remarkably.Controls:

Here’s some useful information on how to use Touchpad Pro:

  • Click with a quick tap
  • Right-click with a quick two fingered tap
  • Scroll with two fingered vertical swipes
  • Present PowerPoint with two fingered horizontal swipes
  • Zoom by pinching with two fingers
  • Type by clicking on the keyboard icon

Want to control your Media Center? Use the Remote Control button. This is designed for media players such as Media Player Classic and WinAmp.


Here’s what each of the advanced gestures / buttons result in:

  • Scroll: Mousewheel Up / Down
  • Zoom: Ctrl-Plus / Ctrl-Minus
  • Horizontal Swipe: Left/Right Arrow Keys
  • Arrows: Arrow Keys
  • OK: Enter

Remember, you can combine Shift/Ctrl/Alt with each command. So to navigate your browser history in Firefox, you can enable Alt, and then use horizontal swipes or the arrow keys (Alt-Left / Alt-Right). Or to press Ctrl-C, enable Ctrl, and then press C on the on-screen keyboard.

Bug Noticed: Takes al lot of time to load help screen


Settings screen-

Remote Screen-

New Help Screen with proper explanation-

YouTube Video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnbFZ-N-gU

Official Site- http://www.touchpadpro.com/

Official usage instructions-

Windows- http://www.touchpadpro.com/connect.htm
Mac- http://www.archetype-design.co.uk/20…-wireless.html

donate to the developer if you like this app 🙂

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