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iPhone SDK Released – installer.app Valid till June ’08

6 March 2008 One Comment

Finally, the much awaited SDK is released officially by Apple. A host of new upgrades await – almost all the questions answered including VOIP over WiFi, Push Email, Gaming, ActiveSync support for Windows Users, Chat App (AIM) and a lot more! Interested developers have to pay a $99 fee to start test driving the SDK and almost all the developers behind the apps on installer.app may jump on the campaign right away!

You get all the Apps (Free and Paid) delivered to your iPhone via AppStore, a mobile iTunes like tool for the iPhone with support for Applications (via WiFi and EDGE!) instead of songs.

We can expect a series of minor upgrades to iPhone’s firmware till 2.0 version [Free for iPhone, Paid upgrade for iTouch] is released in June ’08. No porn, malicious, illegal apps will ever be listed on the App Store.

Venture Capitalist firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers announced $100m for talented developers to jump on the bandwagon! March 6th is indeed a special day for the iPhone though we have to wait 3 full months for iPhone 2.0 software to be pushed 🙂

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  • Byron Church D Church said:

    More like 4 months . “End of June” I wonder if a search engine and a simple cut & paste will be apples job’ , or if we have to wait till summer for developers …. Sure is crazy cool Sure brings out the gi’me in me !

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