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[APP RELEASE] 1Shoot (zero- tap photos)

9 March 2008 No Comment

1Shoot (zero-tap photos)
It’s an app which allows you to shoot a photograph with stability. The main reason behind this when you open the app, the accelerometer checks when it is most stable and then click the photo. Once the photo is shot the app exits to homescreen.
Normal Mode-

In this mode, when you open the app, the accelerometer waits for being stable, clicks the photo and then exits.Screenshot-

Multi Mode-

This mode turns on when you open the app and then clicks the multimode button. This mode allows you to click several photographs continuosy. When one photo is shot, the accelerometer again waits for it to be stable and then click the next one. You can exit the mode by clicking finish button and exit the app.



Installer app repository- http://repo.ispazio.net

Manual Instructions

To install it manually through Fugu or WinSCP, download the zipped application bundle version 0.2, uncompress and copy it to your iPhone’s /Applications directory. Then to restart SpringBoard issue killall SpringBoard
1Shoot has been tested in 1.0.2, 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 firmware versions.

version 0.2 introduced “multi mode”

Developer’s Contact Info- 1Shoot@wuonm.com
Visit http://iphone.wuonm.com/1Shoot/ for more information

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