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[APP UPDATE] TimeCapsule.app (ver. 0.02)

10 March 2008 2 Comments

Version 0.02 of TimeCapsule app is out, and attempted to add compatibility to 1.1.3/1.1.4. Drop a comment at the http://databinge.com/ if it isn’t working.


* support for firmware 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 ?
* added youtube video cache
* smaller cells – it’s nicer
* changed cell layout in app browser- icon, name & description
* resize icon.png of each app
* use original icon.png of each app in the backup/restore view
* place an image of a small clock on top of the app’s icon in backup/restore view to indicate state
* changed cell layout backup/restore view – icon, date & time

for more information about the program, check out http://databinge.com


  • [EXCLUSIVE APP PREVIEW] TimeCapsule 0.07 | iLikeMyiPhone.com said:

    […] TimeCapsule is a brilliant app and now with the 0.07 update (still in testing stage) you do not get irritating donating screen if you donate once also you can have option to delete a backup, rename a backup, have multiple backups for a single app, sms syncing, world clock backuping, voice mail backuping and much more. […]

  • [APP UPDATE] TimeCapsule 0.13b4 | iLikeMyiPhone.com said:

    […] TimeCapsule has been updated to version 0.13b4 which brings a lot of new features like added support for a number of new apps (webclips, camera roll, calendar, puzzlemaniak score, stocks, tapp, worldclock, youtube history), a brand new interface (a lot better), renaming a backup, deleting a backup, emailing a backup, a trash can to remove files previously sent out in email as an attachment, more icons (small clock icon to indicate backup, sync icon to indicate sync), a new icon and backup folder format is changed. It also has some advanced features like SMS Sync, Selective SMS backup, SMS Search, Contact specific conversation backup and backup plain text conversation in email. Sadly some features like infinite number of backups, renaming backups, deleting backups and advanced features doesn’t work without a license (you can get a license by donating $12). Also the advanced features doesn’t work on 1.1.3 or above even with a license (yet). Credits for testing this app goes to Twistyiphoney (me) , Patrick and Vandy. More info at developer’s site […]

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