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13 March 2008 6 Comments

An app called Smart RSS has been released. The app is an RSS Reader and it has a wonderful GUI. It includes features like adding, deleting, editting feeds and refreshing feeds. The GUI is the best part of the app which uses many transitions. This app is a must have. The app is available in French and English versions.The developer of this app is Jeremie Engel.

Installer Repo- http://rep.visuaweb.com

Developers Contact Info- jeremie.engel@gmail.com

Checkout the Exclusive Screenshots ….


  • Lou said:

    Great idea, but doesn’t seem to work.

    I’m not sure what is up with your RSS reader, but i can only get it to read apple’s hot news.

    The feed addresses for other RSS feeds that I want to use, won’t read any data. Stuck at 0.

    MacRumors and Engadget



    (these came right out of safari, how would someone format these for your app?)

  • JS said:

    I can’t figure out how to import my feeds into this app. I sure don’t want to — or intend to — re-enter the 25 or so feeds from Google Reader. Can anyone help?

  • chris said:

    Hey can anyone give me a good smart rss feed for sport updates! thanks

  • Lou said:

    Thanks for the engadget info – but the macrumors one doesn’t work.


    How would I find these out on my own?

  • twistyiphoney said:

    to find out on your own just open the link you know for the feed and see in the address bar and you will find the correct one.

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