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[UPDATE] Ringtones 2.1 – Free Ringtones for 1.1.4 iPhone

17 March 2008 15 Comments

The Ringtones app for iPhone has been updated to version 2.1 with some great new features. The Main Screen now consists of link to the jamendo’s page, application page and paypal donation link. Also the conversion has now the following options-

  • Quick Conversion- Directly cuts the first 30 secs of the song and converts it into a ringtone.
  • Advanced Conversion- Gives you the option from which part to start the ringtone. Also gives an option to change the duration of ringtone (up to 30 seconds)
  • Preview- Gives an option to preview the ringtone to be set.
  • Use wav- If the final result is not the desired one, first activate ‘Use wav’ and restart the conversion. In fact, if the mp3 is encoded in vbr, a precise cutting is not possible. This operation requires more time and more memory space.

Developer- Skrew on ModMyiFone and Hackint0sh

Application Page- http://i.danstaface.net/site

Installer Repository- http://i.danstaface.net/

To see screenshots of the app in action click the read full story


UPDATE: Version 2.2 is up on installer and fixes the problems with ringtones and/ or error 08

UPDATE: Version 2.3 is a Quick fix for people who got stock ringtones deleted.

UPDATE: Update 2.4 is out and do the following-

  • Stock ringtones are back
  • Conversion now work

UPDATE: Quick fix for people who got stock ringtones deleted

NOTE: It doesn’t work with DRM songs


  • amart55886 said:

    hey bro, just me again

    Its great news that their are free ringtones for 1.1.4

    Am i able to make free ringtones for my 1.1.2 otb iphone?

  • amart55886 said:

    nevermind i used it and it worked! 1.1.2 otb iphone, well it has worked so far, i have to select “wav” and have it on before i convert. I used an mp3 song i got from limewire, now i will try a song i ripped off a CD and i will be back for confirmation.

  • amart55886 said:

    And the verdict is……

    Yes! It works on ripped music from CDs as well. Just turn the “wav” tab to ON…. And you should be fine…

    Woooooohoooooo!!!! No more annoying Marimba ringtones!!!!! 🙂

  • keke said:

    hi, i love your apps, it works like charm with alphabet chalector files (enlighs), but when i tried to converting my KOREAN/JAPANESE charactor letter mp3 song, it converted file and no sound when i check the ringtone from sound option..
    any idea?

  • A/V KID said:

    your app its one of the best

  • tom said:

    I´ve just download 2.73 version to my phone, and I tried with two different mp3 songs from my library, one is copy from original cd and the other one was burned through internet. Both of them appear on ring tones in the soft and also in sounds in settings. But when I chose them like ring tones not sound at all. Any suggestion?, i´. running iphone 16gb 1.1.4 jailbricked

  • EcceHomo999 said:

    Anyone else having problems after installing SkrewCommons on 1.1.4? I can open apps but after opening any one app the screen is unresponsive, making the home key my only option. I can’t even go back and uninstall, so rather than restore my ohone AGAIN, I’d like to know for sure if it’s SkrewCommons or anything related. Thanks!

  • Dew said:

    I want to ask that I have a problem with my iPhone about this program,I had convert my ringtone but it not show the list song in my ringtonelist . Please answered my question , thanks

  • Dew said:

    beside I forget to asked that is this version have a vibrate?

  • danna said:

    hey there,
    i can’t figure out how to install this on my iphone. i can’t find it through installer?!
    thank you for the info on the other apps. they’re cool!

  • ray said:

    i have a jailbroken 1st gen iphone with 2.0. I have cydia but no installer. How can i get Ringtones thru cydia?

  • ray said:

    I mean…is there a repo source for Cydia?

  • kiran said:

    You might want to check a list of programs available on Cydia here : http://www.everythingicafe.com/forum/iphone-modifications/cydia-apps-list-32728.html

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