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Firmware 2.0 and SDK Released : Unleash your Developer skills!

29 March 2008 One Comment

New versions of the Apple’s Beta SDK and Beta iPhone Firmware have been released by apple today. The new Beta SDK includes Interface Builder which will make it much more easier for the developers to skin an application. The new beta firmware includes a bunch of new features.

For more information on new feature and pictures, read the full story…

The new features are-

  • Firmware Version 2.0- Build 5A225c
  • Contacts icon on second page.
  • Mail, Contacts and Calendar are stuffed in one category in the Preferences.
  • A new option called Import Sim Contacts in the Phone Application which means the end of iSim.
  • It says “Mail” under your accounts in the Mail, Contacts, Calenders menu
  • A number of new languages have been added (Nederlands, Spanish, Portuguese, Dansk, Suomi, Norsk Bokmal, Svenska, Russian, Polski)
  • Cisco has been renamed to IPSec in the VPN Menu in Preferences.
  • A new plugin called YouTubePlugIn.webplugin has been added.
  • AppStore and iTunes Store are not included in the new beta.

Pictures by Sam from DevTeam:

UPDATE: Some Screen shots of the latest Beta Firmware 2.0 have been added by Engadget

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