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[Proof] Don’t use ZiPhone, it screws your warranty!

1 April 2008 4 Comments

A quick note to everyone using ZiPhone and worshiping ZibZi as a god need to think twice if you are planning to claim warranty or AppleCare on your shiny iPhone! Though Apple benefits from unlocking (huge sales and exports!), they definitely will deny warranty if you tamper your device the Zi way! I suggest iLiberty+ which is an enhanced GUI version of iPlus. It uses fake BL 3.9 while Zibri denies using it just because it is from the Dev team.


aCujo, a senior member from hackint0sh covered ‘Apple denying AppleCare’ for an iPhone whose bootloader is downgraded from 4.6 to 3.9. fake BL 3.9 might have done the trick but once 3.9, there is no going back, atleast without the hardware alternative!

Update: Not anymore! You cn always get back to whichever BootLoader you want using BootNeuter!


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