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3 April 2008 6 Comments

The long awaited iPhone Jailbreak Tool a.k.a Pwnage has been released today by the iPhone Dev Team. It is the best method and the only jailbreak solution which allow custom firmware to be put on iPhone using iTunes. Some users have reported that it allows to upgrade original BL 3.9 to BL 4.6 using the Bootneuter application for iPhone which means no more threat when you go to apple care if ziphone downgraded your BL. The sad news is that the windows users have to wait for some days to get a Windows version because it is Mac only right now but no worries as a Windows version is under heavy development from cmw. So hold your breaths for the windows release soon. We’ll soon try to have a guide for bothe Mac and Windows version.

Here is the DevTeam’s Press Release-

To read the Press Release and for the download link, read the full story

The “DevTeam” would like to announce the release of the OS X version of the PwnageTool application.

The team (and especially Wizdaz) have been working hard to bring you this release in as short a time as possible.

The plan (4 weeks ago) was to release a Mac tool only. This was decided because of the lack of reliable Mac filesystem tools on Windows, and the fact that the task of porting them would be too time consuming.

With that in mind the genius that is “cmw” stepped up to the plate and offered his services to the DevTeam. He proposed to provide a tool that would give the same functionality and User Interface as the Mac tool.

cmw has done an almost unthinkable task and ported the almost complete Pwnage Tool to Windows in a little under a week, and we would like to thank him for this unbelievable work. He is currently in the final test stages and hopefully this should be finished within the next 24 hours (but even he needs sleep and family time occasionally!) We’ll post a link as soon as the testing has finished.

cmw’s site is at http://www.iphonelinux.org

The Mac tool is available at http://www.iphone-dev.org

Download Links-


  • kiran said:

    Yay!! Complete guide will be here very soon and a probable chance to taste iPhone 2.0 way before the release! Keep watching!!

  • Byron Church D Church said:

    wont work for me , do I have to get one -o- them IPSWs ?
    The iPwner button wont clic !

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  • Jay said:

    So am I right in thinking that this will unlock, activate and jailbreak just like Ziphone? But the only difference being you can fiddle with the bootloader? Please advise….

  • twistyiphoney said:

    this can jailbreak, activate and unlock the iphone and is 10,000 times safer than Ziphone.

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