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WildEyes!: Released

5 April 2008 15 Comments

foo_3.pngA new application called WildEyes is out by the developer of the famous TimeCapsule application. This application lets you view some supported files in Safari on all the iPhone versions upto 1.1.4. This application basically provides an interface to browse the files and when you click the supported file, the application closes and opens the file in Safari. I have also helped the author in the testing of the application. Also, you need to have lighttpd and BSD Subsystems installed in order to get this application to work for you.

Following formats are Supported as of now:

  • Text Files (TXT, OUT, LOG)
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • DOC

To read about more the supported formats and and see some more screenshots of the application in action, read the rest of the story…

  • DOCX
  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • JPEG

Get it from installer by adding Databinge Repo as a source.
All suggestions for the application can be given in the comments so that I can convey them to the author.


foo_0_copy1.png foo_1_copy.png

foo_2_copy.png foo_3.png

foo_4_copy.png foo_5_copy.png

foo_6_copy.png foo_7_copy.png

UPDATE: I have informed the author about mp3, m4v etc formats support by Safari and he’ll be adding it soon. So stay tuned for a new version.

UPDATE: Version 0.81b is out. Changelog-

  • support for htm file
  • support for sound files (aif, mp3, m4v, mp4, aac) (if you have installed the Safari download plugin, it may not play mp3, but prompt you to download mp3 instead)
  • if thumb file is available, show thumbs
  • if users try to launch unsupported format, WildEyes! will ask for permission to proceed
  • sound when tap on files/folders (it’s a bit laggy from the speaker, but faster from earphone)

UPDATE: Version 0.82b Changelog-

  • Fixes the 404 Page not found error if you browse files outside of ~/Sites with filenames containing spaces in between.


  • Doris said:

    Hi, there,
    Is it possible to add PowerPoint (.ppt) formats support by Safari as well??

  • twistyiphoney said:

    i don’t think so that safari supports power point files.But if you can give some confirmation, i’ll get the support added. 🙁

  • Mattias said:

    Hi! I´m all new to this Iphone thing but learning and really do appreciate all those 3rd party inventions-makes the phone to a whole new product…

    Found your pgm to be able to read pdf/doc/excel, installed, looks about the same as in your instructions – but; on the page “sites” nothing shows up?. I browsed into my webmail, found a mail with enclosed document… Try to double tap, try to hold finger on to it (makes the icon to expand and show info), but I can´t find a way to make it open or to show up in the “sites” map. I´m sure I´m doing something wrong or missunderstood the function… Kindly ask for advise.

    Don´t know if it matters but: my first page of WildEyes does not show maps like in your example above, I only view 3 maps: Library, Media, Sites.

    Kind regards
    //Mattias Dalin

  • twistyiphoney said:

    the mail thing need to tweak the mail app so that all files open in safari on clicking. also which map are you talking about.

  • julio benedito said:

    And this version 0.08b2 availablee .
    no find.
    not found error 404

  • DOA said:

    the file names with spaces is really supported now.

    I’ve tried it on a file that caused the “not found error 404” and now it works.

    thank you very much. now I can use the iPhone to read some of the school material while on the road 🙂

  • Mattias said:

    The “map” I´m refering to are the one called: “sites” (see this page above, the picture to the left of the picture of the dog).
    My doc/excel/pdf that are enclosed in my mails doesn´t show up in that list.
    Is there any command to “download” them to make them appear into Site map and then I open them from there or should it be to just tap on the icons in the mail…?
    I´ve loaded the 0.08b2 version, no difference.

    Just to get it confirmed; is this only working if you get your mails through the Iphone mail program?! Right now I´m using Safari and browse into my webmail.

  • twistyiphoney said:

    the files from your mail doesn’t get stored in ~/Sites/ and the thing you want to be implimented requires apple to add the saving of file received in mails.

  • Mattias said:

    Ok… Thank´s for your reply, but I do not follow..
    How do I get the files saved? Is it at all possible to save files enclosed in mails, viewed in webmail?
    Or how is it supposed to work?

  • twistyiphoney said:

    I think you need to have safari download plugin to download email attachments from web and then view them using WildEyes! Sorry for the late reply.

  • Mattias said:

    Ok. No worries, just happy to receive help. Have found some more info and it seems that I need to view mails and attachments from the Iphone “mail program” to make it work, not from web mail?. Anyone having different information?
    Then I need to find out how to make my webmail work with Iphone mail….

  • Christiaan said:

    Hi Mattias.
    I`ve tried to send you and e-mail but your addres don`t seem to be working..
    Wanted to get some advice about sound stuff.

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  • tommy said:

    Hi. In my wildeyes app there is the library, media and sites etc folders and everything seems to be working properly but what i dont understand is how to open a PDF file, for example, with wildeyes? Is it possible to open PDF files on the web through it, or open an email attachment through it? Or do you have to save things in wildeyes first? Im really confused, pretty much about how the whole thing works. Sorry if im a little behind, would really appreciate any help.

  • Joe said:

    hi there im trying to make the app work..I got latest version but I keep getting 404error for any file..both in /sites and any other folder.happens with any files even without spaces..any help on this?

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