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RELEASED: moleskine by Databinge

13 April 2008 5 Comments

Have your ever wanted more out of the standard Notes application on your iPhone? Ever wanted it to be more organized? If the answer is yes, then your dream is going to come true very soon.

moleskine application from hc, the developer of the Time Capsule, best backup application and WilDEyes! File Viewer brings organization of all notes to your iPhone. The application is a complete replacement of the default Notes application and brings a whole lot of new features to be more for you to be organized. The application gives you following various capabilities:

For the details and screenshots of the application, read the rest of the story…

  • Create a folder with a description to group some notes.
  • Naming and renaming of the notes.
  • Create and edit notes within the application.
  • Rename folders and notes, edit descriptions of the folders & delete folders and notes.
  • Add and change icons for the notes and folder (brilliant icons). Also create your own icons, use them and submit them to the author with the help of these instructions (templates inside). Also icons customization is only available after donation.

More will come soon. If you have any suggestions or want to report any bug (I doubt if any bug is present) for the application leave them in the comments below and I’ll convey them to author as we have daily conversation.

Databinge’s’s Repository– http://repo.databinge.com

Donate to the developer if you like the application and want to help the developer


UPDATE: You can find the latest version i.e. 0.14 with many new brilliant icons for folders and sub folders from the repository mentioned above.

UPDATE: Version 0.18 released at installer, fixes the crashing at startup problemĀ 


  • JW said:

    NICE idea but!!!

    I installed it on my (I think) 1.1.3 (I say I think because I thought I upgraded to 1.1.4, but in iTunes it says 1.1.3 as well as in the about info on my iPhone)

    I tried to upgrade again, but iTunes says I have the latest version???…

    And no I haven’t installed the 1.1.3/1.1.4 compatibility file…
    Unless its built into BossPref???

    Anyway I installed moleskine and it opens up to the splash screen but after a few seconds it go back to the home page.

    Checked the permissions and they are set to 0755…
    Any ideas?


  • twistyiphoney said:

    that was a problem of installer for not setting proper permissions but this thing has been fixed in version 0.18 now available at installer.

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  • e-Ken said:

    I can’t find the said version 0.18
    Every I start the Moleskine it break and return back to desktop, I can’t uninstall it because it is not inside my install list but it appear at my desktop since it show error message during my installation.
    What permission to be change ? At where ? Please help, I love those theme very much


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