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TextTwist like Word Game for the iPhone – Wake the Word-Lover in you!

21 April 2008 5 Comments

I have always been a sucker for Word Games to test my grip on the english Vocabulary and out popped a[singlepic=4,320,240,web20,right] TextTwist like clone for the iPhone – Lexitron is an amazingly innovative game adapted for iPhone’s capabilities including a shake and scramble feature! You are challenged with a scrambled word from which you have to create unique words from the mixed letters.

You need Jiggy Runtime for the game to run. Install it from installer.app -> Development -> Jiggy Runtime. Now you are all set for installing Lexitron from games section in installer.app (Given that you have Community Sources installed which installs BigBoss’ Apps and Things).

Just tap the letters in the order you want the unique word to appear and double tap the screen! Enjoy the screenshots and give this game a try – it definitely increases the intellectual instinct in you 😉 Please donate to the developer to see further enhancements.

Challenge me with your highest score to keep the competition alive (My highest so far is 22,560 with the settings shown in the picture) ! Word-lovers, start your engines!!

Update : If the application crashes, you can still resume from where you last left by relaunching it! You can even pause the game by clicking the top right button…


  • digicide said:

    44,180 on normal mode. Go Lexitron!

  • kiran said:

    Wow! Good to see digicide himself here 🙂 Will try to reach your score soon!

  • Keith said:

    If you like TextTwist you may also want to try Imangi another word puzzle game for the iPhone. http://www.imangistudios.com

  • Ruta said:

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