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iPhone 2.0 – 3G, GPS, VoWiFi, AppStore, Enterprise, $199 Confirmed!

9 June 2008 4 Comments

Yay, the much awaited June 9th (one of the hottest days this summer – 96 F) finally takes its toll where Apple is prepping to launch some amazingly┬á interesting technology this afternoon, be it Mac Touch, iPhone 3G, revised Macbook/ Pro, scrapping out Macbook air (kiddin’!), or a completely different product!

iPhone 2.0 at a subsidized price ($200) means true brand loyalty (ATT) : Only real ATT users are entitled for the huge discount, Apple might sell the unlocked iPhones directly from their site at normal prices which might well put a hold on eBay iPhones!

Let us all hope apps/games from AppStore are reasonably priced since it can end up being pretty pricey at the end of the day with all those apps. All the jailbreak exploits are touted to be carefully sealed with iPhone 2.0, hence it might be a while to really enjoy those Jailbreak apps from the enthusiastic community. Pwnage 1.2 is reportedly gearing up to support iPhone 2.0 firmware. 3G iPhone support is not realistic at this point but all you unlocked iPhone 1.0 owners can still enjoy the benefits of Apple’s latest iPhone f/w offering.

What about iPhone 1.0 owners :

Fear not, iPhone 2.0 software is readily downloadable starting 1PM June 9th, hence you can take advantage of all the enhanced features though 3G, GPS and some other minor hardware changes will be left out for good. How many of you are going to subscribe for the expensive 3G plan anyways? Not to mention the real deployment of GPS on your iPhone. Are you seriously planning to use GPS on your iPhone for travel directions? So, lets not give up, cherish your iPhone 1.0 and gift it to your grand children one day, they will love it, trust me ­čśë


  • David said:

    the specs on the apple.com website indicate a 2.0 MP camera, why do you have 5 MP in the title of this thread?

  • Kiran said:

    I am sorry for that, this post was posted an hour before the keynote. I have a follow up post @ http://ilikemyiphone.com/wordpress/?p=277

  • amart said:

    Hey remember me!?
    I’m back again, keeping up on your post, considering it is the most informative.
    Question, so by updating to 2.0 on our old iPhones, we do not, get GPS, or 3G?

    Is it really even worth getting the iPhone 3G?
    Its cheaper, and if its unlocked, it does everything our old ones do plus GPS, and 3G, and much more considering installer. We would have to wait for the installer community to update the compatibility of all software.

    So tell me, is it worth it trying to sell my older model thats unlocked for cheaper like about, $199 heehee

  • david said:

    nope, keep your iphone 1.0 becuase there are rumors that the new iphone 3g will be selling for $199 WITH a 2 year contract. the RUMOR being that apple and att will make you sign the contract before you leave the store with the iphone. i believe similar situation will work with online orders.

    and even if that rumor is false, your best bet is the wait it out until the new 3g is out and there is an unlocking method like zibri’s or iliberty so you can unlock as we have done with the iphone 1.0

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