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iPhone 3G – Who is evil? ATT or Apple or Both?

19 June 2008 6 Comments

Call it whining or something else but Apple and ATT cannot really screw many a number of people’s monthly expenses with just a new release, right? Firstly, Steve Jobs makes this statement at WWDC 2008 “iPhone 3G – Twice the Speed, Half the price!”. Seriously : How many cities can you possibly use 3G on ATT? 280 metropolitan cities, what about the rest? Why should they be lured into the same package? $199 is good for such a device but hey, you are screwing the customer with a potential $85 per month, minimum? Ok, so now you call me cheap but I am using a 450 minutes pm plan at $39.99 .

iPhone 2.5G had this amazing $20 unlimited data and 200 SMS package but that’s about it. Check how ATT is messing up with the whole 3G episode. Ok, now you say ATT is the culprit but Apple cannot be left out either. They tie the whole iPhone warranty to the contract. So, I have no ATT service in my area, but they sold me an Apple iPhone online and now for warranty purposes they ask me to get a contract first! If they are touting iPhone as more than just a phone, why wouldnt’ they handle the warranty in a similar manner? Apple gets paid $325 for every iPhone sold, great! ATT gets a ransom with a 2 year contract, great! The commoner suffers an $85 (minimum) payload 🙁 Yeah, commoner which includes students, jobless Apple fanatics or independent small contractors.

The best bet to counter the whole 3G episode would be to wait till hackers thwart Apple’s efforts to lock the device. Hello Apple, invest in copy/paste, MMS and other feature rich applications, not anti hacking mechanisms! You will be hacked anyway! And all iPhone 2.5G owners, eBay still rules given the no contract choose any plan options that are available for you. Why sell your device? You get the same features with iPhone 2.0 s/w and you can directly compete with your 3G counterparts! It is now upto the commoner to decide on ATT’s success and their own failure.

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image courtesy : Gizmodo.com


  • David said:

    so what are you suggesting the current owners of iphone 1.1.4 do? sell or keep?

  • kiran said:

    Till date, iPhone 2.5G is a precious gem as far as costs are concerned. You can upgrade to 2.0 once you get the nod (which should happen soon). iPhone 1.1.4 – keep, keep keep! Don’t sell it. It has its value 🙂

  • David said:

    thanks man. i was hoping you’d say that.

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  • david said:

    hey kiran,
    i just went to best buy’s website and looks like at&t has loosen up a bit and shared it with best buy on selling iphone with a contract.

    starting sept 7th, best buy retail stores will start selling iphones 3Gs and i guess they will be the 1st and many more will follow and alot more lopeholes of getting the iphone 3G will follow. what you reckon?

  • kiran said:

    Hi David! Well, iPhone 3G’s will soon be all over the place but I am sure the base price without a contract may never be $199 / $299 unfortunately given the credit checks while signing up for the device. The best part being iPhone 3G refurbs which will hit the streets in the next 2 months – the pricing will be interesting!

    Best Buy will follow the same rules like Apple and ATT – Ordering it online might give us some leads if any !!

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