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Push Gmail now a reality – Save much needed battery on iPhone!

9 July 2008 7 Comments

Ever wondered if you can be alerted for that important Gmail message, much like an SMS? I have fully tested this option and it works amazingly great! Yeah, you can now turn off the automatically check after every 15/30/… minutes thereby saving you enormous battery on the power hungry yet efficient iPhone!

Thanks to MobileMe, despite the seemingly crazy me.com domain, push services offered strive to offer enhanced productivity; not to mention the backup service, web hosting and a string of other cool new features! If you are not up for spending $99 valuable bucks, why not try sharing this service? With expandable storage, you can easily get this service for a great deal.

Ok, now the technicalities involved in setting Gmail to push email : We are essentially pushing Gmail onto Me.com server in realtime to deliver that SMS like effect for your Gmail messages!

  1. Login to Gmail and click on Settings (Top Right Corner)
  2. Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  3. Select Forward a copy of incoming mail to and input your Me.com ID
  4. Make sure you select archive Gmail’s copy to avoid redundant copies and confusion!
  5. Don’t forget to save changes (at the end of the form) and play with filters to forward certain mail to be pushed (SMS!). Easy ain’t it?!


  • David Russell said:

    I think you’re missing a vital point. The reason people want push Gmail is that they DON’T want to have to sign up for MobileMe!

  • kiran said:

    Well yeah, but Push Gmail is only available on G1 (Android) at the moment.

    For the rest of us, MobileMe is the best alternative! It has some advantages like syncing data and restoring data on the iPhone ‘On the Fly’!!

  • abeezt said:

    What is moblieME? Oh yeah, its yet another way to get money out of iPhone users. Not interested. Oh and btw, thanks for stating the obvious

  • Bubba said:

    Just sign up for a free yahoo account and forward your email to yahoo

  • noway said:


  • Percy said:

    This is crap, I can have gmail pushed to my plain old un-smart Sony Ericsson phone but the “smart” phones just won’t do it

  • MobileMe finally gets Pushy! Apple Got it right finally! | iLikeMyiPhone said:

    […] Forward any email to Me.com account and simulate the push experience on popular email services like Gmail. Looking for a cheap MobileMe account, head over to this post for an amazing $3 per month deal! Spread the Word: […]

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