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iPhone AppStore now Open, 134 FREE Applications Already!

10 July 2008 2 Comments

UPDATE : All the brave ones out there, try installing iPhone firmware 2.0 ONLY if you are on ATT’s iPhone plan. The apps work and everything else too. For those who unlocked, you might want to wait a while. Not sure if PWnage works with firmware 2.0. Lets hope the best!

Yay! AppStore is now open and lot of applications are already showing. The best part being loads of free apps (134 at the moment which includes games as well) on display! Just search for applications (AIM) in iTunes and you even see a ‘Free Applications‘ link on your left (in iTunes). Apple seems to have accepted as many applications as possible, quality of the apps left for the users to decide. For example, I saw a bulls eye app which asks you to touch the bulls eye as precisely as possible!

iTunes Free Apps!

So many paid applications showed up too and yeah they are pricey at $7.99 and the like. I am sure not many of us are interested in forking out hundreds of dollars for these apps. As the developers accepted into the program increased, so did the app offerings and we now have to resort to quality paid apps and all free apps!

Hope on to AppStore to browse the apps since you might be seeing so many apps pop out very soon. iTunes 7.7 is released too (check your Mac Updates, Windows Users might have to download it for now).


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