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MobileMe finally gets Pushy! Apple Got it right finally!

24 July 2008 No Comment

With a not so impressive launch, MobileMe team had a rough outing ever since! The much touted term ‘Push’ definitely didn’t make much sense given the delays involved, not to mention the long hours of server issues. Apple clearly under-estimated the number of users probably. Though they sold MobileMe packages ($99 and $149) they failed to accomodate all of them on the server which led to outages.

After lots of chatter all around the world that Push is dead in MobileMe especially since it dropped the ‘Push’ feature till yesterday (most users) which led to users reflashing their firmwares hoping to get the ‘Push’ effect from the service. I myself bought MobileMe for uninterrupted email, contact, calendar sync which finally started working as advertised starting July 23rd, 5 pm. That is a welcome addition! For someone playing with pwnage, I don’t think reflashing firmware is always fun! Anyway, I just wanted to tell the community that Push service is finally working, I tested email, contact sync and it works great! Though the 15 minute Mac/PC sync delay is yet to be polished.

Save the battery and use PUSH! [Noob’s question : What is Push Email?]

Push uses a unique technology wherein a tcp port is constantly open with the iPhone and alerts the iPhone (so far, no battery is used since we didn’t yet fetch the email after the alert). Once mail is fetched only then does the battery come in to the picture. Hence, MobileMe is a tremendous service with all the right intentions!

Forward any email to Me.com account and simulate the push experience on popular email services like Gmail. Looking for a cheap MobileMe account, head over to this post for an amazing $3 per month deal!

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