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iPhone 2.0 – No Video Recorder yet but Free Live Streaming from Qik

13 August 2008 No Comment

Simply amazed, thrilled and what not! Never really tried Qik on pre 2.0 iPhone but this really is an intuitve approach to video on the iPhone! We are all waiting for video recorder to show up and hopefully it will soon but using Qik’s amazing FREE app downloadable from Cydia, we can infact capture video and save it online in real time. How better can it get?!

Step by Step guide to Video Streaming on the iPhone :

1) Pwn your iPhone 2.0.1 using Winpwn or Pwnage.

2) Launch Cydia and Search for ‘Qik’ app.

3) Install it and create a quick profile at Qik.com

4) You will be sent an SMS which upon recieving and clicking on the link sent will activate your account! It did not even take more than 2 minutes for the whole process. Really Qik it is 😉

Remember, your first video is public and everyone can see it! No private stuff people, not in the first video! The next time when you see an incident worth capturing, Qik it and see it online in realtime!!

What are you waiting for, Qik it now 🙂

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